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What are Rock Challenge® and J Rock?

Rock Challenge® is an educational and aspirational performing arts competition for students in government and non-government secondary schools, that show young people  how they can achieve a ‘natural high’ without the use of tobacco, alcohol or other substances. It communicates health and social education messages to teenagers in a positive and supportive environment.

A school’s entry into Rock Challenge® is an original piece of work involving dance, design and drama which reflects the personalities, concerns, hopes, dreams and interests of those who create it. Each school forms a team which decides o­n a theme, selects the medley of soundtracks and designs the choreography, sets and costumes. Themes can range from the real to the surreal but must be original.

The team rehearses their choreography and staging, builds sets, manufactures costumes and raises funds for the production.

The focus of Rock Challenge® is o­n young people being the best they can be without the use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs

J Rock™ is the junior version of the event for primary and junior schools catering for young people between the ages of 7and 11 years of age!

What does an entry consist of?

A ‘dance and drama’ performance based o­n a theme of your choice and set to a soundtrack of commercially available music.

How long does it have to be?

A performance must be between 5 and 8 minutes long.

What are the limits o­n team size?

A J Rock™ team can have a minimum of 10 performers and a maximum of 100.

A Rock Challenge® team can have a minimum of 20 performers and a maximum of 100.

In both J Rock™ and Rock Challenge® you can have up to 20 students making up the stage crew and up to 16 in your support crew (hair and make-up/ lighting/ video/ co-host)

What are the age limits?

All performers and stage crew in a Rock Challenge® team must be aged 11 to 18 years and currently enrolled in the participating school or college.

All performers and stage crew in a J Rock™ team must be aged 7 to 11 years and currently enrolled in the participating school.

What are the restrictions o­n our performance?

How a school tackles putting o­n a performance is completely up to the school, although it must be within the rules and guidelines in the Production Book supplied by the Office.

So we put together our performance - then what?

On the designated event day, competing schools in the region assemble at a professional venue for a day of interaction, rehearsals and fun. In the evening, the schools perform to an audience of their peers, families and community members. The performances are judged by a panel of specialists from the performing arts industry.

All teams need permission from recording companies or the artists concerned to use extracts of their music in your performance soundtrack. It can seem difficult to get replies so you should contact the rights owners as soon as you have a list of tracks you are planning to use. If a couple of tracks drop off but you still obtained permissions, then at least there is no harm done by being prepared.

To find out the record company for a particular artist check:

The CD cover/ the artist’s"">

If you cannot find information about the tracks you've chosen, or have not received responses but time is pressing o­n - call Rock Challenge® o­n 02392 985 710"">
Please note:
The Rock Challenge® holds licences with the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and the Phonographic Performance Limited Company (PPL) and pays Performers Rights Society fees which are based o­n ticket sales at the venues. The event is also supported by British Music Rights (BMR), the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI).

It is STILL necessary, however, for individual schools to obtain permission from the Record Companies to use their music.
Due to child protection photographs are o­nly permitted to be taken during the evening show by our official photographer Nick Scott. 
 Photographs are uploaded to Nick's official site and are password protected. School's are given the log-in details. 
You can for more information.