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What does an entry consist of?

A ‘dance and drama’ performance based o­n a theme of your choice and set to a soundtrack of commercially available music.

How long does it have to be?

A performance must be between 5 and 8 minutes long.

What are the limits o­n team size?

A J Rock™ team can have a minimum of 10 performers and a maximum of 100.

A Rock Challenge® team can have a minimum of 20 performers and a maximum of 100.

In both J Rock™ and Rock Challenge® you can have up to 20 students making up the stage crew and up to 16 in your support crew (hair and make-up/ lighting/ video/ co-host)

What are the age limits?

All performers and stage crew in a Rock Challenge® team must be aged 11 to 18 years old and currently enrolled in the participating school or college.

All performers and stage crew in a J Rock™ team must be aged 7 to 11 years and currently enrolled in the participating school.

What are the restrictions o­n our performance?

How a school tackles putting o­n a performance is completely up to the school, although it must be within the rules and guidelines in the Production Book supplied by the Office.

So we put together our performance - then what?

On the designated event day, competing schools in the region assemble at a professional venue for a day of interaction, rehearsals and fun. In the evening, the schools perform to an audience of their peers, families and community members. The performances are judged by a panel of specialists from the performing arts industry.