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Fundraising Ideas
We encourage schools to recycle previous years' sets and rebuild for new themes, or swap with nearby schools.
Some schools prefer to buy materials to make props, costumes, or sets. Here are some fundraising tips...
  • School Dance: Why not have the theme to fit in with your production?
  • Performances: Hold short lunchtime performances and charge a small admittance fee. This is also a great way to practise performing in front of an audience
  • Trivia Night: For a change, include Rock Challenge® questions and answers! See how many event facts and rules are known!
  • Student levy: Charge a small fee to each student for coordinating their participation in the Rock Challenge®
  • Healthy snack stall: Have the team sell healthy snacks to students during lunch, break times and parent evenings
  • Sponsored bag-packs at local supermarkets (also a great way to advertise your involvement in the event !)
  • Sponsored events such as sponsored walks, dance-a-thons, silences, etc. You can even get the local press in to cover the event
  • Raffles where local businesses may donate some prizes
  • Car Wash Day for students, parents and teachers for a fee
You can also find additional ideas and guidance on the "IdeasFundraising" website: click here to go there :)
1. Steps for seeking sponsorship
If extra help is needed, schools may approach local businesses for sponsorship, whether it be financial or 'in kind' - such as services or materials. Many local business owners may be parents of students at the school anyway, and would be keen to support you.

1. Prepare a proposal
2. Prepare a list of possible sponsors
3. Find out the manager's name
4. Send the proposal addressed to the manager
5. Follow up with a phone call two days later seeking an appointment
6. Be keen and enthusiastic
7. Don't give up easily, however be aware of when to back away and take "No" graciously

Please note - sponsor logos and branding cannot appear on stage during the performance.
2. Sponsorship Proposals
Your sponsorship proposal should be no more than a few pages long to maintain the interest of the reader. The following outline is suggested:
  • What the Rock Challenge® is
  • What the event offers the school and the students
  • The theme and why the theme was chosen
  • Who is involved - the number of total participants, breakdown of number of performers, stage and support crew. Outline the support from the school and parents
  • Some budget details
  • What fundraising efforts the school is making to support the Rock Challenge® production
  • Propose levels of participation i.e. Major Sponsor; Associate Sponsor; Supporter
  • Outline sponsor benefits i.e. Major Sponsor has logo identification o­n promotion material, distribution in the school of the sponsors brochures; tickets to pre-competition performances; two tickets to the live event supplied by your school
  • Specify what is you would like from the sponsor, whether it be a financial contribution or materials
3. Sponsorship Follow-up
At the conclusion of the event, it is a good idea to send your sponsors a formal letter of thanks including a short report. This report should detail the following:

  • Results of the event in terms of your particular school
  • How the sponsorship monies or materials contributed to your production
  • What benefits the sponsor received as a result of their sponsorship/support
  • Benefits the school and students received as a result of involvement with the production