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Benefits of Sponsorship
Becoming a sponsor or partner of Rock Challenge UK holds many benefits including branding, marketing and communications opportunities.

Rock Challenge is one of the UK's longest running and largest youth performing arts event. It is a unique experience that stays with students well beyond their school years.

Our branding as a positive and life-affirming youth event is firmly entrenched in the minds of the hundreds of thousands of students who have participated in Rock Challenge and JRock events during the past 16 years.

The event aims to motivate young people to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices. This is achieved through engagement over the rehearsal and preparation period in the lead up to each event.

A partnership with Rock Challenge enables you to associate your organisation with the feel-good factor of a positive youth event for participating students and their families, teachers, schools and the wider community. We also facilitate communications opportunities for our partners through our well-established communication channels.
The opportunity
We are firmly committed to building positive relationships with sponsors and aim to develop innovative, integrated and exciting opportunities and benefits for all sponsors.

From naming rights, logo placement, signage, show day activities, hosting and beyond, your organisation has an excellent opportunity for brand awareness.

Our events evoke emotion and long-term attachment to Rock Challenge giving your organisation the change to achieve a strong brand association.

The opportunity exists for organisations to sponsor at either local, regional or national levels.
Promotional activities
Communicate a message to a targeted audience made of young people, their peer group and their parents

Partner with an established event with enormous credibility

Leverage an effective event platform to create integrated marketing messages

Engage the youth market

Be seen as a proactive supporter of healthy youth initiatives
To learn more about the promotional opportunities offered through UK Rock Challenge, get in touch with Be Your Best Foundation's General Manager David Beal.

Contact David by email or
by phone on 02392 985 716, or
by surface post using

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