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    Tour Dates

    Southampton Guildhall - Friday, March 4th, 2011

    BEECHWOOD JUNIOR SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire (New school): the ACRO Award for Concept Interpretation, the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Staging, and overall THIRD Place

    HAREFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire: the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Well-being Award for Concept Originality, and the Global Rock ChallengeTM Award for Make-up Design

    HIGHFIELD C OF E PRIMARY, Southampton, Hampshire: the Southampton City Council Award for Choreography, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Drama Skills, the DAX Printing Award for Hair Design, and overall FIRST Place

    SPRINGWELL SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire: the Award for School Community Support, the Sew n So Award for Costume Design, and the Hampshire County Council Award for Entertainment

    THORNHILL PRIMARY SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire: the Award for Press Coverage, the Hampshire County Council Award for Performance Skill, the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Set Design, the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Well-being Award for Video Performance, and overall SECOND Place

    TOWNHILL JUNIOR SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire: the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, the Award for Positive Inclusion, the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, the Southampton City Council Award for Lighting Design, the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Soundtrack, and the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Stage Crew


    Beechwood Junior School, Southampton, Hampshire
    "The Toy Shop"

      Is there a child who hasn't wondered what happens in a toy shop at night? Is everything dark and still? Or can a rustling sound be heard from the shelf? Hoping, dreaming and imagining, four children decide to find out...

    Harefield Primary School, Southampton, Hampshire
    "The Bright Idea"

      Our dance is about our school focus of being healthy. We discussed what we eat in our lunch boxes and about how it affects us. It is about having the right balance of food. It shows what happens when we eat junk food and how one short high can end in a long low. Being healthy is fun and colourful!

    Highfield C of E Primary, Southampton, Hampshire
    "Southampton Remembers"

      April 1912. Southampton a city in mourning.
      April 2012. Southampton a city in remembrance.
      TITANIC: unsinkable, awesome, unbelievable, tragic.
      Please join us in our journey from the present to the past, as we focus on the families of those crewmen who never came home from their voyage on the unsinkable ship. Their voices still resonate 100 years on.

    Springwell School, Southampton, Hampshire
    "The Rainbow Fish and The Big Blue Whale"

      Under the sea, a Whale joins the fish. All are happy until one fish begins telling stories about the whale. The yellow fish says the Whale will eat all the food and may even eat them! How could they think this? He just wants to be friends. He is upset and then angry. How will this misunderstanding be resolved?

    Thornhill Primary School, Southampton, Hampshire
    "You Only Live Once"

      Living in a world of darkness, chaos and anarchy, good struggles hard to prevail. Out of the darkness a hero appears, strangely familiar to moviegoers! Appealing to the better nature of humanity, the hero restores colour bringing goodness, kindness and faith to the world. Thornhill's performance frames good versus evil, set to themes of James Bond.

    Townhill Junior School, Southampton, Hampshire
    "Hope Prevails"

      Handshake to Kware is a charity set up in 1996 by a local man to bring education and medical care to the slums of Nairobi. For 4 years Townhill Junior School, as well as other local schools, have supported this charity, raising money and 'now' awareness. We will show how 13 years of dedication was destroyed one fateful night.