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    AIREDALE ACADEMY, Castleford, West Yorkshire
    "As Mad As A Hatter"

      Think... dwell... on this tale we tell: A land of wonder, a girl named Alice, and a Queen of Red in a fortified palace. Yet, one character intrigues, the Hatter's his name, do you know some say chemicals addled his brain! Come join our journey through his contrasts and haze, and unfurls what makes up his mad, crazy ways.

    BOROUGHBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire
    "Happy Feet"

      The story of Happy Feet. How one person who is considered different, struggles with social acceptance. Initially an outcast due to their differences, Happy Feet breaks down these barriers by staying true to their self and eventually being considered a leader rather than a follower, demonstrating that ...."It don't matter if you're black or white!!"

    BRUNTCLIFFE HIGH SCHOOL, Leeds, West Yorkshire

      In the Yorkshire moors lays a circus under a spell, who plays there no-one can tell. A ringmaster with his puppet-like clowns - one stomp of his cane and they all fall down. He has control, all except one, taken away not wanting any fun. Can she escape and live to tell the tale, or will she stay and make him pay?

    "Pure Imagination"

      The world stops in its tracks when the reclusive and eccentric Willy Wonka announces that five lucky golden ticket winners will be shown the secrets of his amazing, magical chocolate factory. Nobody wants the prize more than poor young Charlie Bucket but the odds are stacked against him. Can Charlie's dreams really come true?

    "Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Book?"

      Unknown to the poor orphans, their story book was magical! A wolf escaped and chased the orphans into the book and through the different tales! Scenes from Cinderella, The Pied Piper and finally Little Red Riding Hood, where the wolf finally finds his place in the story. The orphans return. This is the end of their adventure, or is it?!!!!

    NEWSOME HIGH SCHOOL AND SPORTS COLLEGE, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
    "The Tortured Artist"

      Vincent Van Gogh was a tortured artist. In this performance we will track his decent into madness. Pictures and paint come to life. Arguments lead to disfigurements. Madness finally takes control leading to a disastrous finale!

    SKIPTON GIRLS’ HIGH SCHOOL, Skipton, North Yorkshire
    "Mothers of the Disappeared

      As a Mother, you become the inheritor of your lost children's dreams. To keep the memory and spirit of their disappeared children alive, these women's groups have overcome terror, isolation and grief to become a visible and audible inspiration in the world. Mothers of the Disappeared secure the survival of families. The bonds of love can never be broken.

    THORNTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Bradford, West Yorkshire

      Nemesis is sending his chosen goddesses of fire, ice, wind, and rain to ‘give what is due’. Desperate for Nemesis's attention, they compete in turn to create devastation. Will they ever find out however, that it is their misery and jealousy that Nemesis enjoys and together can they rebel against the highest power and save mankind from further destruction!?