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    Tour Dates

    Portsmouth Guildhall - Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

    BRIMSHAM GREEN SCHOOL, Yate, South Gloucestershire: the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Make-up Design

    BRUNE PARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Gosport, Hampshire: the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, the Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Hair Design, and overall THIRD Place

    CHARTER ACADEMY, Southsea, Hampshire:

    CHENEY SCHOOL, Headington, Oxfordshire: the Award for Student Leadership, the ACRO Award for Staging, the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Video Performance

    CHICHESTER COLLEGE, Chichester, West Sussex: the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Choreography, and overall FIRST Place

    CHICHESTER HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, Chichester, West Sussex: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Drama Skills, the ACRO Award for Stage Crew

    PRIORY SPORTS COLLEGE, Southsea, Hampshire: the Sew n So Award for Costume Design, the DAX Printing Award for Concept Originality, and overall FOURTH Place

    RIDGEWAY COMMUNITY with WEYDON SCHOOLS, Farnham, Surrey: the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Award for Lighting Design, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Entertainment, the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Performers' Choice Award

    ROMSEY COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Romsey, Hampshire: the Rock Challenge Award for Soundtrack

    RYDE SCHOOL WITH UPPER CHINE, Ryde, Isle of Wight: the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth's Charity Appeal Award for Performance Skill, and overall SECOND Place

    SOUTH DOWNS COLLEGE, Waterlooville, Hampshire (Premier School showcase performance): a number of Awards of Excellence

    THE WARWICK SCHOOL, Redhill, Surrey (New school): the Award for Positive Inclusion, the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Concept Interpretation

    YATELEY SCHOOL, Yateley, Hampshire: the Award for School Community Support, the Portsmouth City Council Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge®, the Hampshire County Council Award for Set Design, and overall FIFTH Place


    BRIMSHAM GREEN SCHOOL, Yate, South Gloucestershire
    "Role Reversal"

      Animals are used for our entertainment in many different ways. One of these is through the circus is it cruel? How would we like it if we were kept in small spaces and used for the entertainment of others?? Take a look and see how the animals change from being caged to being free in their natural environment...

    "The Mental World of Wonka"

      Nobody ever goes in and nobody ever comes out. The mysterious and slightly mad Willy Wonka is inviting five children to enter his famous chocolate factory. But under the colourful facade, is the factory all it seems? Does it hold the terrible secrets of 'mental' Mr Wonka? Do the 'mad' children ever return? And is Charlie really that perfect?

    CHENEY SCHOOL, Headington, Oxfordshire
    "Be Careful What You Wish For"

      Everyone knows the tale of the Genie in a bottle. Our story explores the wishes of three children granted their deepest desires, but with one warning: "Be careful what you wish for". Will they heed the advice or will their greed prevail? Tonight's performance is dedicated to Duncan Nicholls, an enthusiastic Rock Challenge supporter who sadly passed away this year.

    CHICHESTER COLLEGE, Chichester, West Sussex
    "Weapons of Self Destruction"

      Our piece explores the stereotypical views of mental health issues of young people which may arise from various forms of substance abuse.

    "Yad Veshem"

      Welcome to Yad Vashem the official memorial to the 6 million Jews who died at the hands of the Nazi’s between 1933 and 1945. I will be your Tour Guide as we leave Ohel Yizkor, the Hall of Remembrance and follow the story of two young sisters.

    PRIORY SPORTS COLLEGE, Southsea, Hampshire
    "Enter the Kung Fu kicking Karate Kid"

      Let us take you to a land where Kung Fu is King
      We like doing Kung Fu it is our thing
      The Kung Fu Kid is our idol
      We count on him for survival

      Stories will be told for centuries to come,
      Of his battles lost and won,
      Over time the stories will change,
      But the moral will always remain

    "A Tribute to Dr Who"

      Dr Who regenerates and arrives on a foreign planet to battle the strange life forces that live there. The battle is settled when Dr Who makes friends with the aliens and they both live in harmony.

    ROMSEY COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Romsey, Hampshire
    "Play with the Game"

      "Games" - The playing of sport, skill or fun tasks often with friends or family. Once a game was played with friends, both planned and played, your choice the ends. So why in time this legacy lost, we now all play on games that cost. These consoles brought into our homes, create a world of play alones.

    "The Black Death"

      The extermination of a city: London 1348-1350. The thronging capital of England was rife with hunger and poverty. Fleas on rats from China spread throughout Europe carrying bubonic plague, attacking rich and poor alike. London resembled a battlefield, with the population in a fight to the death with nature. Would anyone survive the final Great Fire to tell the story?

    SOUTH DOWNS COLLEGE, Waterlooville, Hampshire
    "Pan's Labyrinth"

      Spain, 1944, the civil war is over, the new Spanish leaders celebrate their victory. Ofelia is uprooted to a rural military outpost to live with her stepfather, a general of the fascist regime, a man of unspeakable brutality. Ofelia finds a Labyrinth and escape's the cruelty of her stepfather, but Ofelia's imaginary world is not as safe as she thought....

    THE WARWICK SCHOOL, Redhill, Surrey
    "Empty shells"

      Caged in a world of death, pain and sadness. Re-occurring thoughts of the same event round and round. A nightmare never ending that will only live on. Flashes, unexpected loud noises, crowds, anxiety, post-traumatic stress! Another bang, another bullet, another empty shell. Just another number, not a name. Fighting for survival, fighting to be the best in the game.

    YATELEY SCHOOL, Yateley, Hampshire
    "The Joke's on You!"

      The impact of IT on the young is creating a generation of 'nobodies', children pursue possessions and want the latest gadget, game or phone. Be careful what you download there's always a catch. Watch out for what you wish for or you might face people who just want to create anarchy.