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    Tour Dates

    Portsmouth Guildhall - Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

    ALAMEDA MIDDLE SCHOOL, Ampthill, Bedfordshire: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Drama Skills

    BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL, Slough, Berkshire: the Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, the Award for Press Coverage, the Award for School Community Support, the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, the Award for Positive Inclusion, and the Sussex Police Award for Entertainment

    COWES HIGH SCHOOL, Cowes, Isle of Wight: the Award for Student Leadership, the Hampshire County Council Award for Set Design, and overall FOURTH Place

    DURRINGTON HIGH SCHOOL, Worthing, West Sussex: the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Performance Skill, the ACRO Award for Staging, and overall SECOND Place

    MAYFIELD SCHOOL, Portsmouth, Hampshire: the Janome Award for Costume Design

    THE PETERSFIELD SCHOOL, Petersfield, Hampshire: the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Choreography, the Sew n So Award for Make-up Design, the Think! Don’t Drink and Drive Award for Video Performance, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge®, and overall FIRST Place

    PRIESTLANDS SCHOOL, Lymington, Hampshire: the Bournemouth Borough Council Award for Lighting Design

    RYDE SCHOOL WITH UPPER CHINE, Ryde, Isle of Wight: the Hertfordshire Police Award for Hair Design, and overall THIRD Place

    ST GREGORY THE GREAT RC SCHOOL, Oxford, Oxfordshire: the ACRO Award for Stage Crew, and the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Performers' Choice Award

    ST PAUL'S CATHOLIC COLLEGE, Burgess Hill, West Sussex: the Southampton City Council Award for Concept Interpretation

    ST PETER'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Bournemouth, Dorset: the DAX Printing Award for Concept Originality

    WOODLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire: the West Sussex County Council Award for Soundtrack, and overall FIFTH Place


    ALAMEDA MIDDLE SCHOOL, Ampthill, Bedfordshire
    "The Butterfly Lovers"

      Zhu disguises herself as a boy to attend school, falls in love with Liang and, inseparable, vow to meet again. Zhu reveals her true identity. The pair request marriage, but Zhu is already promised to another. Liang, broken-hearted, dies. On Zhu's wedding day, she jumps into Liang's grave. Heaven weeps and transforms them into butterflies to fly together for eternity.

    BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL, Slough, Berkshire
    "Open your eyes"

      Inspired by and in support of the 'Open Your Eyes' campaign by the NSPCC. To escape the violent reality of her life a young girl runs to her toy trunk and opens her world of imagination. Can her toys help her forget? Can her toys protect her? Can they keep the demons away?

    COWES HIGH SCHOOL, Cowes, Isle of Wight
    "Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust"

      All children except one grow up. Peter Pan a boy who dreamt of creating a utopia for youth. As Neverland awakes to what it's become, Pan's dream has created a dark dictatorial dominion that's both a paradise and a prison. Follow us to the second star on the right and straight on till morning.

    DURRINGTON HIGH SCHOOL, Durrington, West Sussex
    "The Disappeared"

      The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo have fought for over three decades for the right to re-unite with their abducted children. In protest, they wear white headscarves with their children's names embroidered, to symbolize the blankets of the lost children. The bereaved mothers and grandmothers continue to convene in a protest march every Thursday afternoon in central Buenos Aires.

    MAYFIELD SCHOOL, Portsmouth, Hampshire
    "The Lost Generation"

      Some of us are lucky enough to be raised in loving families with guidance from caring adults. Countless children survive in a feral world with nothing but their own courage to call on. Vulnerable and easy prey, they can be tempted by fairy tales told by evil adults who lead them into the murky underworld. Can society save them?

    PRIESTLANDS SCHOOL, Lymington, Hampshire

      April 10th 1912; Titanic sailed from Southampton with 2,200 on board; four days later she collided with an iceberg and sank: 1500 people died, 700 survived. We aim to capture the life, mayhem and, sadly, devastation of Titanic's fall. Next year we commemorate Titanic's 100th anniversary and perform this in respect of those that lost their lives and loved ones.

    "The Black Death"

      The extermination of a city: London 1348-1350. The thronging capital of England was rife with hunger and poverty. Fleas on rats from China spread throughout Europe carrying bubonic plague, attacking rich and poor alike. London resembled a battlefield, with the population in a fight to the death with nature. Would anyone survive the final Great Fire to tell the story?

    "OX4 Story"

      Did you ever believe that your toys would come alive whilst you were asleep? We invite you to let your dreams become reality, entering a colourful and magical world where a child's toys take on a life of their own. Watch in amazement as toy soldiers march to attention, action men attack and robots transform. Once upon a time ...

    ST PAUL'S CATHOLIC COLLEGE, Burgess Hill, West Sussex
    "The Last Post"

      Last Post by Carol Ann Duffy
      If poetry could tell it backwards, true, begin
      that moment shrapnel scythed you to the stinking mud
      but you get up, amazed, watch bled bad blood
      run upwards from the slime into its wounds
      see lines and lines of British boys rewind

    ST PETER'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Bournemouth, Dorset
    "Critics, Schemes and Cooking Up Dreams"

      Fresh out of catering college, Eliza returns home to find the family restaurant in ruins and her Father about to sign it over to a rival restaurateur. With 2 weeks until the bank forecloses, she knows a good review is the only thing that can save it.

    THE PETERSFIELD SCHOOL, Petersfield, Hampshire
    "Through the Eyes of a Child."

      Inspired by 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', our performance demonstrates the power of childhood innocence. Love and trust are innate, we are taught to hate, skin is just skin, a friend just a friend with nothing that playing together can't mend. Seeing through the eyes of a child there would be no pain or sorrow, just hope for tomorrow.

    WOODLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire
    "The Cube"

      In this comic strip tale you will see adventure and superheroes, here to protect the future. An action-filled journey full of fascination, villains and heroes fill your imagination. The good versus evil in a battle for control, of the cube that holds the power to keep the earth whole.