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    Tour Dates

    Portsmouth Guildhall - Friday, June 3rd, 2011

    THE ANGMERING SCHOOL, Angmering, West Sussex: the Award for School Community Support, and the Southampton City Council Award for Concept Interpretation

    BRIGHTON HILL COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Basingstoke, Hampshire: overall FOURTH Place

    CHICHESTER COLLEGE, Chichester, West Sussex: the West Sussex County Council Award for Soundtrack, and the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Performers' Choice Award

    CHURCHILL COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SCHOOL AND SIXTH FORM COLLEGE, Churchill, North Somerset: the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Performers' Choice Award, the Sew n So Award for Make-up Design, the Portsmouth City Council Award for Drama Skills, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge®, and overall FIFTH Place

    FINCHLEY CATHOLIC BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL, Finchley: the Hampshire County Council Award for Set Design, the Think! Don’t Drink and Drive Award for Video Performance, and overall SECOND Place

    THE HEMEL HEMPSTEAD SCHOOL, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire: the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Performance Skill, the ACRO Award for Staging, the ACRO Award for Stage Crew, and overall FIRST Place

    MILLAIS SCHOOL, Horsham, West Sussex

    REGENTS PARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire: the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Choreography, the Hertfordshire Police Award for Hair Designoverall THIRD Place

    TOYNBEE SCHOOL, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire:the DAX Printing Award for Concept Originality, the Sussex Police Award for Entertainment, and the Bournemouth Borough Council Award for Lighting Design

    THE WESTGATE SCHOOL, Winchester, Hampshire: the Award for Press Coverage

    WILDERN SCHOOL, Hedge End, Hampshire: the Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, and the Janome Award for Costume Design

    WYVERN TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, Fair Oak, Hampshire: the Award for Student Leadership, the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, and the Award for Positive Inclusion


    THE ANGMERING SCHOOL, Angmering, West Sussex
    "We all fall down"

      7/7/2005 ... a typical morning in London ... workers, tourists and school-children preparing to start their journeys. However, this commute was the target of a terrifying attack - three bombs were detonated on London Underground trains, killing 56 and injuring 700. It was the work of the emergency services that allowed London to recover from the day when they 'all fell down'.

    "Let Him Have It!"

      Our performance is about a British teenager hanged for the murder of a police officer. Derek Bentley was convicted as a party to the murder, whereby his friend actually shot the police officer. We have tried to show the case of Derek Bentley, from when he was caught on the rooftops of a warehouse, through to his death.

    CHICHESTER COLLEGE, Chichester, West Sussex
    "Weapons of Self Destruction"

      Our piece explores the stereotypical views of mental health issues of young people which may arise from various forms of substance abuse.

    "Curiouser and Curiouser"

      Lost in the forest, Alice sees a White Rabbit hurrying by. Curiously Alice follows, her adventure begins. The Rabbit leads Alice to the Mad Hatter's tea party where she is welcomed to Wonderland by all but the evil Queen of Hearts and her card army. Waking up, Alice realises it has all been a dream, or has it?

    "The 'topian' Clash"

      What happens when a blissfully-perfect world and a world of unimaginable horror come into contact with each other? Can people from two worlds so far apart ever see eye-to-eye? It started as an experiment created by a bored and lonely being, but when things get out of his control what becomes of his worlds? In this story Utopia meets Dystopia.

    THE HEMEL HEMPSTEAD SCHOOL, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

      The choices made by two young men have led to the loss of their freedom. Their lives and their families' lives have been turned inside out. What will their future hold? Will their next choice lead to a life inside or out?

    MILLAIS SCHOOL, Horsham, West Sussex
    "I stand out..."

      I stand out for the wrong reason. For as long as I can remember I have suffered with some form of twitch. A motor tic they call it. I have lived with this all my life, it follows me everywhere, comes out when I'm nervous and stressed. I can't live a normal life, I'm labelled, I'm different, I stand out.

    REGENTS PARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire
    "Don't Fall Asleep!"

      Horror Films. Aimed to startle, elicit emotions of fear and terror. Emotions that have us on the edge of our seats, peering through our fingers and jumping out of our skin. The only genre to turn an innocent doll into our worst nightmare. To watch or not to watch is the question, but one thing is certain: DON'T FALL ASLEEP!

    TOYNBEE SCHOOL, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire

      Join us on the streets of London, as a beautiful secret agent and her nosey chauffeur are blissfully unaware of the danger ahead of them. A secret terrorist organisation is plotting to take over the world and our hero's need the help of the best supermarionation superheroes. F-A-B!

    WILDERN SCHOOL, Hedge End, Hampshire
    "The Last Rainforest"

      The piece takes us into the rainforest, a place of peace and harmony where all creatures co-exist together. The tranquillity is destroyed by man and one single act of carelessness, the striking of a match, leads to irreversible damage. We have a responsibility to ensure we look after the rainforest for many generations to come.

    THE WESTGATE SCHOOL, Winchester, Hampshire
    "Trapped Within"

      "It is a rare blessing when the earth gives back what it has trapped within". We explore the plight of the Chilean Miners. You will experience an insight into the courage and fears of the miners and their families. We take you on a journey that looks at the disaster of this story and the joy of the happy outcome.

    "Lost in the Web"

      In the social network race, we all met in cyberspace
      We started a group, our circle of friends
      But the World Wide Web has no end
      We're friends, me...
      You introduced another friend, but who is he?
      Some say it's not real, how can it be
      Can you trust who you cannot see?