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    Tour Dates

    Stevenage Leisure Centre - Tuesday, February 23rd, 2009

    BARNFIELD SOUTH ACADEMY (New school): the Big Spend Award for Concept Originality

    BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL: the Druglink Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, the Award for Press Coverage, the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, the Award for Positive Inclusion, the Hertfordshire Police Award for Hair Design, the Hertfordshire Youth Opportunities Fund Performers' Choice Award, the TEGA Award for Lighting Design, and overall SECOND PLACE

    CHAULDEN JUNIOR SCHOOL (New school - Showcasing Junior Rock Challenge® school): Awards of Excellence in Performance Skill, Entertainment, Soundtrack, Concept Interpretation, Hair and Makeup and Choreography

    CHESHAM PARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE: the SoSafe Award for Performance Skill

    COSTESSEY HIGH SCHOOL: the Druglink Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge, the Dacorum Community Safety Partnership Award for Drama Skills, the Heart Award for Soundtrack, the Youth Connexions Hertfordshire Award for Entertainment, and overall FIRST PLACE

    GALLEY HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL (Showcasing Junior Rock Challenge® school):

    LEALANDS HIGH SCHOOL: the Dacorum Community Safety Partnership Award for Set Design, and the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Stage Crew

    SANDRINGHAM SCHOOL: the Stevenage Joint Action Group Award for Choreography, and overall FOURTH PLACE

    SOUTH HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL (Showcasing Junior Rock Challenge® school): Awards of Excellence in Concept Interpretation, Soundtrack, Hair and Make up, Lighting Design, Costume Design, Performance Skill, Choreography and Drama Skills

    THE CHALFONTS COMMUNITY COLLEGE (New school): the Youth Connexions Hertfordshire Award for Staging

    VANDYKE UPPER SCHOOL: the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, the Visions Unlimited Award for Video Performance, and the Druglink Award for Costume Design

    WOODLANDS SCHOOL (New school): the Hertfordshire Youth Opportunities Fund Award for Concept Interpretation, the Hertfordshire Police Award for Make-Up Design, and overall THIRD PLACE


    BARNFIELD SOUTH ACADEMY, Luton, Bedfordshire
    "Tragic Imagination"

      You live in an imaginary world, introduced by someone else, a stranger. This world teases you into doing something final, something permanent. Follow the story of Alice in Wonderland, specifically Alice's relationship with the Cheshire Cat. We reflect on how similar this story is to the tragic rise in teenage suicides, often where the imaginary world of the internet wins.

    BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL, Slough, Berkshire
    "We'llMeet Again"

      A nurse, a factory worker, mother, and land girl. Four different women, four different lives. All affected by the start of World War 2, all waving goodbye to a loved one, hoping one day to see them again.

    CHAULDEN JUNIOR SCHOOL, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

      CHESHAM PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Chesham, Buckinghamshire
      "Flight or Fight ?"

        We each have a choice in life when things don't go the way we'd like ... would you fight for what matters to you ? Our piece looks at the choice made by a girl whose family seem too busy to notice her achievements, showing the downward spiral caused by alcohol abuse and the consequences she faces as a result of her decision.

      COSTESSEY HIGH SCHOOL, New Costessey, Norwich
      "The Universal Soldier"

        The universal soldier leaves,
        The family stays behind to grieve.
        His life at stake,
        For his country's sake
        He stays strong for everything he believes.

        Letters home bring news of death
        Dare we think, of his last breath
        His life was at stake,
        For his country's sake
        Brave for the future, and what will be achieved.

      GALLEY HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
      "Wizard of Oz"

        When Dorothy finds herself in the Land of Oz, all she wants is to go home. She and Toto, with the Scarecrow, Tinman and the cowardly Lion, go to the Emerald City to see the Wizard of Oz but they realise they have to look inside themselves to find out they already have the qualities they are seeking.

      LEALANDS HIGH SCHOOL, Luton, Bedfordshire

        This piece explores the theme of Gun Crime and its impact upon the lives of innocent victims.Inspired by the shooting of Rhys Jones, who got caught in the crossfire of two feuding gangs, we see a tragedy unfold and a community coming together to support those who have lost someone through this senseless and ever-increasing crime.

      SANDRINGHAM SCHOOL, St. Albans, Hertfordshire
      "Reality Hurts"

        the label "Reality TV" begs the question "How real is what we see ?" and is the outcome worth risking your private life and integrity ? We think no, it's not. Our piece explores what can happen when people who are desperate for their five minutes of fame put their lives in the hands (and votes) of the public.

      SOUTH HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
      "Before It's Too Late ..."

        In the rainforest, millions of different species of plants, animals and insects live in harmony together. However, the rainforest is under constant threat from humans. Chainsaws, bulldozers and fires destroy life and devastate beauty. With half the world's rainforests already up in smoke, what can we do to help?

      THE CHALFONTS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

        Winning a reality TV show ... can it really bring happiness? Our winner is launched into the exciting world of fame. Celebrities want to "hang out" with her and fans want to be her. But at what cost? Holding onto her identity and her family whilst keeping the paparazzi at bay are some of the challenges she faces in this celebrity whirlwind.

      VANDYKE UPPER SCHOOL, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire
      "Media Circus - coming to a town near you !"

        Adam wears the uniform, hangs with out the gang. The press set out to destroy him with false accusations and negative image reports. Wo will realise that circus clowns and the press pack are possibly one and the same ? We pay them to entertain us: the more they perform the more we'll stand and applaud.

      WOODLANDS SCHOOL, Basildon, Essex
      "Catch Me If You Can..."

        "Catch Me If You Can..." is a dance piece based on youth crime. This Year Nine dance piece focuses on petty crime that youths can get themselves involved in. The choreography explores graffiti, violence and car crime, and shows the consequences youths face when caught by the police.

      THE CREW

      From Heart FM: evening show presented by Gaz and Babs
        For UKRC: David Beal (Stage Manager), Daniel X and Tom Stevenson (Assistant Stage Managers), Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager), Stuart MacGregor (Community Development / PR Manager) and Zoie Golding (UKRC Producer);
        From TEGA: Tony Jennings (Lx), Ed Coupland (Fx), Dave Bower, Thomas Wilson, Ben Spratling and Chris Redfearn (Rigging);
        From Visions Unlimited: Simon Bishop (mix) and Rob Morphew (camera);
        Volunteers: Karen Brazier, John and Wendy Arrowsmith