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    Tour Dates

    Southampton Guildhall - Sunday, March 7th, 2010
    HAREFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL (New school): the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, the Sew n So Award for Costume Design, the Southampton Healthy Schools Award for Concept Originality, and overall SECOND PLACE

    HIGHFIELD C of E PRIMARY SCHOOL (New school): the Hampshire Police Award for Performance Skill, the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Set Design and Staging, and overall FIRST PLACE

    REGENTS PARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE (showcasing senior team):

    SPRINGWELL SCHOOL (New school): the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Entertainment, the Southampton City Council Award for Concept Interpretation, the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Soundtrack

    THORNHILL PRIMARY SCHOOL (New school): the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, the Hampshire County Council Award for Choreography, the TEGA Award for Lighting Design, the Isle of Wight Award for Hair and Make-Up Design

    TOWNHILL JUNIOR SCHOOL (New school): the Award for School Community Support, the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Award for Drama Skills, the Visions Unlimited Award for Video Performance, the Isle of Wight Council Award for Stage Crew, and overall THIRD PLACE

    HAREFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire
    "Dancing Dinosaurs"

      We based our performance on the book "Dinosaurs and all that rubbish". It is about one man's greedy needs which end up destroying the Earth. Thankfully, dinosaurs come back to life and rebuild it. The selfish man soon realises the error of his ways and the people can once again live in a wonderful world.

    HIGHFIELD C of E PRIMARY SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire
    "It Takes All Sorts"

      Cities: large, bustling, noisy, bursting with life and energy. We hope to transport you to a Saturday in Southampton's city centre, when the divers groups of people that live in or visit the city mingle as they go about their business and, through different dance styles, present an exciting and dynamic interpretation of social cohesion.

    "Page to Stage"

      World Book Day is the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK. Like some of the world's most treasured stories, Regents Park hope to spark imagination and bring the enchantment and joy of books to life. From Hogwarts to a secret garden, through Narnia to Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory, Regents Park make the transition from page to stage.

    SPRINGWELL SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire
    "The Special Olympics - our interpretation of the Games"

      The first Special Olympics were held in Chicago in 1968. The "Flame of Hope" is lit during a ceremony in Greece and then relayed to the chosen venue by Special Olympiads and police officers. Our interpretation of the Special Olympics symbolizes the philosophy of the Be Your Best Foundation: that of inclusion and doing your best.

    THORNHILL PRIMARY SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire
    "One World ... One ball !"

      Thornhill Primary School's motto is "Working Together To be The Best we Can Be". This year sees the World Cup taking place in South Africa and our presentation is a celebration of the diversity, spirit and teamwork of nations competing together. Reflecting this, we have blended South African "Disky", Street, Salsa and more contemporary dance motives to a familiar sporting soundtrack.

    TOWNHILL JUNIOR SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire
    "There Never was a Story of More Woe"

      You may have seen the entire works of Shakespeare in fifteen minutes but we would like to present Romeo and Juliet in eight, with a cast spanning all year groups, a sensational soundtrack and cracking choreography. Visually stimulating, exploring the themes of gangs, racism, love and hope, this is not just any performance, this is a Townhill Junior performance. Enjoy :)