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    Tour Dates

    Bournemouth Pavilion - Monday, March 8th, 2010
    BISHOP OF WINCHESTER COMPREHENSIVE AND BOURNEMOUTH SCHOOL FOR BOYS (New team): the Rock Challenge Award for Concept Interpretation, and the Visions Unlimited Award for Video Performance

    BOURNEMOUTH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS: the Bournemouth Borough Council Award for Make-Up Design

    HIGHCLIFFE SCHOOL EXPRESSIVE ARTS SIXTH-FORM COLLEGE TEAM: the Rock Challenge Award for Concept Originality

    HIGHCLIFFE SCHOOL EXPRESSIVE ARTS LOWER SCHOOL TEAM: the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Set Design

    OAKMEAD COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY: the Heart Award for Soundtrack, and the Award for Student Leadership

    QUEEN ELIZABETH'S SCHOOL: the Bournemouth Borough Council Award for Hair Design, and the Dorset Police Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge

    ROYAL MANOR ARTS COLLEGE: the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Drama Skills, and overall THIRD PLACE

    ST PETER'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL TEAM ONE: the Dorset Police Award for Performance Skill, the Bournemouth Borough Council Award for Costume Design, the TEGA Award for Lighting Design, and overall FIRST PLACE

    TESTBOURNE COMMUNITY SCHOOL: the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Stage Crew, the Award for School Community Support, and overall FOURTH PLACE

    THE GRANGE SCHOOL: the Dorset Police Award for Staging, and the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness

    THE THOMAS HARDYE SCHOOL: the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Entertainment, and overall FIFTH PLACE

    TWYNHAMS SCHOOL: the Dorset Police Award for Choreography, the Bournemouth Borough Council Performers' Choice Award, and overall SECOND PLACE

    ST. PETER'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Bournemouth, Dorset

      People aspire to be a success. Some succeed through natural talent, others have overcome incomprehensible adversity to achieve. In a distant world a Queen dies in childbirth, leaving behind twin girls. Each is given a "gift": one receives talent and the other determination. On their 18th birthdays, the most sucessfulk will be crowned Queen. Which one gift would you choose ?

    "Your Decision, Our Lives!"

      In seems that in today's climate, war is used as an answer to world problems as seen recently in the War on Terror. Campaign decisions are rarely made by those who are fighting on the front line. If they were, maybe we would see less destruction and trauma in the news and our families would remain intact.

    THE GRANGE SCHOOL, Christchurch, Dorset
    "Keep rolling, rolling, rolling!"

      New Mexico, 1870, Lincoln County. War was at its best and bullets settled most disputes. People feared renegades and outlaws who roamed from town to town taking whatever they wanted. Lincoln County was at a loss: that was, until Sheriff Dan and his vigilante men came to town!

    THE THOMAS HARDYE SCHOOL, Dorchester, Dorset
    "An Olympic Journey"

      Join us on our
      S spectacular journey through the past century
      P pausing at sporting activities found at the
      O Olympic Games
      R Realising to win is not to cheat, and
      T the end is just the beginning. What will 2012 bring?

    TWYNHAM SCHOOL, Christchurch, Dorset
    "You Can Find Me In Your Dreams"

      Danny Blue arrives alone for school. Danny explains to a teacher the tragedy that has just befallen him.
      That night Danny has a nightmare and wishes he could see his parents. Just as all seems lost, they sweep in and banish the nightmare. He falls asleep, happier, feeling more secure - at least he can find his parents in his dreams.

    QUEEN ELIZABETH'S SCHOOL, Wimbourne, Dorset
    "Box of Delights"

      Some children have everything. Some have nothing: they are forgoptten souls. Sometimes one world reaches out to another. What happens when a child who has nothing glimpses something from another world @ What happens when they look into the box of delights ?

    "The Corruption of Democracy"

      There are two principles that any definition of democracy includes: equality and freedom. These principles are reflected by all citizens being equal before the law and having equal access to power, and freedom is secured by legitimized rights and liberties. In our democracy why have 392 MPs been ordered to pay back £1,120,000 in expenses?


      Our dance is a journey depicting communication from its natural, primitive geginnings to a more autonomous, detached method of interaction. Isn't it ironic that as technology has advanced, our ability to communicate in its fundamental form has regressed ?

    HIGHCLIFFE 6TH FORM, Christchurch, Dorset
    "Lost Childhoods"

      The inspiration for our piece came from several recent high-profile news stories concerning children who are snatched by strangers and then seemingly vanish into thin air. Where do they go? Why are they taken and can there ever be a happy ending?

    HIGHCLIFFE LOWER SCHOOL, Christchurch, Dorset
    "Sweet and Honourable"

      In 2009 Harry Patch, the last surviving British soldier of the First World War, passed away. Using both original songs from 1914 and contemporary music, we have created a montage of scenes based on the Great War which beg the question "How dignified and fitting is it to die for one's country ?"

    "Your's Sincerely, Jack the Ripper"

      A crime that was never solved, a story with no end and a mystery that will remain just that ... a mystery. Whitechapel, Lomdon, 1888, an ordinary place with ordinary people, until Jack appeared. He butchered his victims, leaving the city in turmoil. No-one knew when he would strike again, no-one knew who he was: everyone was a suspect.

    ROYAL MANOR ARTS COLLEGE, Portland, Dorset
    "The Faceless Soldier"

      Every day thousands of people defend territory, fight for what is rightfully theirs or go into battle to support the less fortunate. Through the ages our soldiers have protected our freedom against dictatorship, against terrorism and against dominant forces, and they have fought with strength and determination. They remain faceless until they give their lives for us. We remember them.