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    Tour Dates


    The Hawth - Crawley - Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

    MILLAIS SCHOOL: the West Sussex Community Safety Partnership Award for Choreography, the West Sussex County Council Award for Make-Up Design, the West Sussex Community Safety Partnership Performers' Choice Award, and overall FIRST PLACE

    OATHALL COMMUNITY COLLEGE: the Sussex Police Award for Drama Skills, the Award for Student Leadership, the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, and overall FOURTH PLACE

    ORIEL HIGH SCHOOL: the West Sussex Healthy Schools Award for Costume Design

    QUEEN ELIZABETH II SILVER JUBILEE SCHOOL: the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Award for Concept Interpretation

    ST PAUL'S CATHOLIC COLLEGE (New school): the West Sussex Healthy Schools Award for Performance Skill, the Sussex Police Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge, and overall SECOND PLACE

    TANBRIDGE HOUSE GRAMMAR SCHOOL: the West Sussex Healthy Schools Award for Soundtrack, the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Award for Set Design, the Visions Unlimited Award for Video Performance, and overall THIRD PLACE

    THE FOREST SCHOOL: the West Sussex Community Safety Partnership Award for Staging, the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Stage Crew, and the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness

    THE HOLY TRINITY C of E SCHOOL (New school): the West Sussex County Council Award for Concept Originality, and the Sussex Police Award for Entertainment

    WORTHING COLLEGE: the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Award for Hair Design, and the TEGA Award for Lighting Design

    OATHALL COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
    "Stop, Look and Listen!"

      "A heartbroken mother has made a desperate plea to parents after her teenage son was killed by a motorbike as he listened to his iPod." Every year teenagers are injured as a result of listening to their iPods whilst crossing roads. The message is plain and simple and could make a difference between life or death. Stop, Look and Listen!

    ORIEL HIGH SCHOOL, Crawley, West Sussex

      A slave is a person or persons who is the legal property of another and controlled by another. However, everyone is entitled to their freedom.

    MILLAIS SCHOOL, Horsham, West Sussex
    "Deceptive Research"

      Our dance is an anti-whaling campaign. These beautiful mammals are harassed at high speeds until exhausted and breathless. Harpoons strike and leave the whales thrashing, bleeding in agony. Whalers haul the whales close where they are shot and strung up alongside the ship. Once dragged aboard, their carcasses are hacked apart in total disregard. Murdered. To the brink of extinction.

    "The Best Things in Life are Free"

      Are the best things in life free? Does money make the world go round? Do you want it all and do you want it now? We have used our Rock Challenge theme to explore what makes us happy. Our results show that most things do cost money - all except the three most important: love, laughter, and good health.

    ST. PAUL'S CATHOLIC COLLEGE, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

      A gang is a group of people who, through the organisation, formation and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity. Young people join gangs to have friends, to be accepted, respected and to feel a sense of belonging. Last year 51 young people were killed as a result of gang violence. The youngest of these was 10.

    TANBRIDGE HOUSE SCHOOL, Horsham, West Sussex

      When does space move from being large to being small? How can you feel trapped when space gives freedom? Our piece explores the differences between Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia and the serenity and anxiety that can be cause by changes to physical space.

    THE FOREST SCHOOL, Horsham, West Sussex
    "A Tale Of Two Seas"

      As stories of modern-day piracy become all too familiar in our daily news reports, one young boy gets drawn into a dream world of high drama and underground crime on the high seas.

    THE HOLY TRINITY C of E SCHOOL, Crawley, West Sussex
    "The Party"

      The story is about a young boy who is, for the first time, left home alone by his parents. He decides to hold a secret house party whilst they are gone. With a mix of music, fun and irresponsibility the party gets out of control and starts to go wrong. What will the parents find when they get home?

    THE WORTHING COLLEGE, Worthing, West Sussex
    "Fear; Lies and Accusations"

      The Crucible by Arthur Miller can be seen as symbolic of the paranoia that pervaded America in the 1950s. Our dance employs the storyline to explore the play's key themes: intolerance, hysteria, ignorance and persecution. The story begins with dancing evocative of the era. The persecution and death of the accused in the final scenes leaves a community in mourning.
    THE CREW: From UKRC: David Beal (Stage Manager), Zoie Golding (UK Producer), Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager), Stuart Macgregor (Public Relations) and Sam Connis (Production Assistant)
    From TEGA: Ed Coupland (Fx)
    From The Hawth: Chris Wilcox (Lx), Rob Armstrong and Pete Codrington (followspots) with John Kenrick (stage)
    Volunteers: ________ + John and Wendy Arrowsmith