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    Tour Dates


    ALL SAINTS CE JUNIOR SCHOOL (Showcase performance):

    CANON LEE SPECIALIST ARTS COLLEGE: the Humberside Police Authority Award for Soundtrack and the Humberside Police Award for Concept Interpretation

    HOWDEN SCHOOL AND TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE: the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, the Award for School Community Support, the Hull and East Riding Charitable Award for Choreography, the Andrew Marr International Award for Hair and Make-up Design, the East Riding of Yorkshire Award for Costume Design, the High Sheriff's and Humberside Police Tribune Trust Award for Set Design and Staging, and the Andrew Marr International Award for Concept Originality

    KINGS MILL SCHOOL (Showcase performance)

    SPROATLEY CE VC PRIMARY SCHOOL (Showcase performance)

    WOLFRETON SCHOOL (New school): the Award for Healthy Lifestyle , the Humberside Police Award for Performance Skill, the Arco Award for Drama Skills, the Hull and East Riding Charitable Trust Award for Entertainment, the Aunt Bessie's Award for Video Performance, the Humberside Police and High Sherriff's Tribune Trust Award for Stage Crew, the East Riding Council Award for Lighting Design, and overall FIRST PLACE


    ALL SAINTS C of E JUNIOR SCHOOL, Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire
    "Climate Change: A Serious message From Noah"

      In 2007 183 children from our school were affected by the floods. We had to move out of our homes, live upstairs or have relations live with us whilst their homes were repaired. Hundreds of us lost things we valued greatly: we understand why climate change cannot be ignored. We do what we can - as did Noah and his family.

    "Find Your Feet"

      Life as a teenager is tough and it's difficult to keep true to yourself as you struggle to find your place in the world. "Find Your Feet" incorporates a fusion of three dance styles to expolore the teenager's journey - how we influence others, hot this alters us as a people and about incorporating others' ideas whilst still staying true to you.

    HOWDEN SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire
    "The Myth of South Africa"

      Table Mountain stands as a formidable South African landmark. The mountain's creation was born out of the Devil's anger. Enraged by the Lion's requited love for the Sea, the Devil struck, banishing the Lion to stone and taking his rightful place to the East. There the Lion and the Devil remain, looking down over the Sea they once cherished so deeply.

    KINGS MILL SCHOOL, Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire
    "Friends United"

      Our production is about being friends across the world, uniting children and ensuring a safe path between each country.

    SPROATLEY ENDOWED C of E PRIMARY SCHOOL, Sproatley, East Riding of Yorkshire
    "The Changing Seasons"

      Our seasons are struggling to keep their individual identities. Where does one season begin and the other end? As Winter merges into Spring and Summer into Autumn the natural world is turned upside down. We are beginning to see the drastic effects that global warming is having on our planet. It is our duty to help Mother Nature restore harmony.

    WOLFRETON SCHOOL, Kirk Ella, East Riding of Yorkshire
    "Evolution - Where have We Come From and Where Are we Going?"

      Last year the world celebrated the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and his publication of "The Origin of Specias". Let us take you on an adventure exploring the theory of natural selection, posing the question "where have we come from and where are we going?"


    Show presented by Darren Lethem of Magic 1161
      For UKRC: David Beal (Stage Manager), Oliver "Olly" Ashman and Daniel MaCready (Assistant Stage Managers), Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager), Stuart MacGregor (Community Development / PR Manager), Zoie Golding (UKRC Producer) and Sam (Production Assistant);
      From TEGA: Tony Jennings (Lx) and Ed Coupland (Fx);
      From Visions Unlimited: Paul Cooper (mix) and Rob Morphew (camera);
      Volunteers: Lesley-Ann Begg from Aberdeen, John Ellis from Bradford, Tanya Green, Faye Rhodes, Steven Stoddart from Cumbria, John and Wendy Arrowsmith