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    Tour Dates

    The Epic Centre at the Lincolnshire Showground, - Thursday, March 25th, 2010

    FOSSE WAY PRIMARY SCHOOL (New school) (Junior showcase performance)

    JOHN SPENDLUFFE TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE: the Branston Award for Performance Skill, the Lincolnshire Community Foundation Award for Entertainment, and overall SECOND PLACE

    KING EDWARD VI HUMANITIES COLLEGE: the Lincolnshire Police Award for Drama Skills, the Lincolnshire Community Foundation Award for Performers’ Choice, and the Award for Positive Inclusion

    LINCOLN ST CHRISTOPHER'S SCHOOL (Junior showcase performance) (New school)

    ST BEDE'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL: the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, the Lincolnshire County Council Award for Choreography, the Tanks and Vessels Award for Soundtrack, the Lincolnshire Police Award for Set Design and Staging, the Visions Unlimited Award for Video Performance, the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Stage Crew, the Lincolnshire County Council Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge®, the Award for Press Coverage, the Award for School Community Support, the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, and overall FIRST PLACE

    THE NATIONAL CHURCH OF ENGLAND JUNIOR SCHOOL (Junior showcase performance)

    THE PRIORY CITY OF LINCOLN ACADEMY (New school): the Lincolnshire County Council Award for Concept Interpretation, and the Lincolnshire County Council Award for Concept Originality

    THE PRIORY WITHAM ACADEMY (Junior showcase performance) (New school)

    THE PRIORY ACADEMY LSST (New school): the Tanks and Vessels Award for Costume Design, the Tega Award for Lighting Design, and overall THIRD PLACE

    FOSSE WAY PRIMARY SCHOOL, North Hykeham, Lincolnshire
    "Sticks and Stones"

      Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me...But they do! We follow a child through an emotional journey, which explores the feelings of isolation, inclusion and pain. Portrayed through the music of Michael Jackson, we see the full cycle of how bullying can be defeated by having the courage to tell someone.

    "The Fear of The Unknown"

      The fear of the unknown. Are they sent to challenge our apprehensions and fears? A girl's sleep is disturbed. She sees painted faces: she feels them mocking, laughing, poking, pulling. Fighting against the faces, they are too strong. She is pulled into a world where people are watching, waiting to be entertained. This is her worst nightmare ... or is it?

    "Anti-social behaviour ?"

      In our grey, bleak times we look in tear-stained despair at the daily increase of prejudice-driven violent crime. It is like we are living in a machine-driven war zone, where the common currency is death. A social sickness is quickly spreading like the plague through our communities - but is it really all that new?

    LINCOLN ST. CHRISTOPHER'S SCHOOL, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

      St Christopher's dance club presents 'Dreams'. We begin with a bedtime story about a castle in a far away land. The castle used to be filled with fun and laughter, but there have been no visitors for a long time. We are then whisked away to this magical place where dreams come true!

    PRIORY ACADEMY LSST, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
    "The Power of Water"

      The power of water is amazing. It has the power to sustain life and yet it harnesses the power to destroy communities. Our dance looks at how we use water every day, from drinking to playing, and how at a moment's notice the power of water can ruin lives through the destructive force of flooding.

    "Perfection is Deception"

      In a child's dream, a toy shop is brought magically to life. It sounds like a perfect world. Is it? We soon discover not everything is as it seems in the toy shop. Behind the perfect image of a doll lies a mean, ruthless heart. Image is not everything: those flawed on the outside are on the inside often flawless!

    THE NATIONAL CHURCH OF ENGLAND JUNIOR SCHOOL, Castlegate, Grantham, Lincolnshire
    "A Step in Time"

      Our school is now 150 years old. It was founded by the church way back in 1859. Many many pupils have stepped through its doors and gone on to achieve great things (just like we are hoping to do) so sit back and let us take you through the pages of history as we Step in Time through the decades!

    "Tam O'Shanter"

      Tam O'Shanter is a poem written by Scottish poet Robert Burns in 1790. It tells the tale of a man's journey after a night out - against his wife's wishes - and portrays a good example of why not to drink! Ghosts and ghouls are the least of Tam's worries - he has his wife to face after his inebriated night out!

    THE PRIORY WITHAM ACADEMY, Lincoln, Lincolnshire
    "We're Going On A Bear Hunt..."

      "We're going on a bear hunt!
      We're going to catch a big one!
      We're not scared!"
      The children go on an adventure and have to overcome obstacles on their quest to find a bear: they discover that by working together they have the courage to achieve their goals and face up to their fears ... with a few surprises along the way!


    The evening show was presented by Georgina Chapman and Tessa Mouat, winners of the Lincolnshire "Find a Compère" competition

      For UKRC: David Beal (Stage Manager), Dan Macready and Anthony "Ants" Sweetman (Assistant Stage Managers), Stuart MacGregor (Community Development / PR Manager), Zoie Golding (UKRC Producer), Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager) and Sam "Bam" Connis (Production Assistant);
      From TEGA: Tom Mumby (Lx), Ed Coupland (Fx) and Dave Bower (Rigging);
      From Visions Unlimited: Rob Morphew (mix) and Tom Bishop (camera);
      Volunteers: Tom Gale plus John and Wendy Arrowsmith