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    Tour Dates

    The Sands Centre - Friday, April 23rd, 2010:

    COCKERMOUTH SCHOOL: the Cumbria Healthy Schools Award for Choreography, the Cumbria County Council Children's Services Award for Hair and Make-Up Design, the West Cumbria CDRP Award for Lighting Design, the West Cumbria Education Innovation Programmes Award for Drama Skills, and overall SECOND PLACE

    MAYFIELD SPECIAL SCHOOL: the Cumbria County Council Community Safety Award for Concept Interpretation, the Cumbria Healthy Schools Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge, the Cumbria County Council Community Safety Award for Soundtrack

    RICHARD ROSE CENTRAL ACADEMY: the Cumbria County Council Award for Entertainment

    SOUTHFIELD TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE (Premier Showcase): a number of Awards of Excellence

    STAINBURN SCHOOL AND SCIENCE COLLEGE: the Cumbria Constabulary Award for Set Design and Staging, the South Lakeland CDRP Award for Costume Design, the West Cumbria CDRP Award for Stage Crew, and overall FIRST PLACE

    THE LAKES SCHOOL: the Cumbria Children's Services Performers' Choice Award, the Cumbria County Council Award for Performance Skill, and overall THIRD PLACE

    WHITEHAVEN SCHOOL: the Cumbria Constabulary Award for Concept Originality, the Carlisle and Eden CDRP Award for Video Performance

    To be listed later:
    the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness
    the Award for Student Leadership
    the Award for Press Coverage
    the Award for School Community Support
    the Award for Healthy Lifestyle
    the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement
    the Award for Positive Inclusion


    COCKERMOUTH SCHOOL, Cockermouth, Cumbria
    "Rime of The Ancient Mariner"

      An ancient mariner stops a guest en route to a wedding and recounts a tale of his life at sea where his killing of an albatross brings about the death of the crew and his living death. Recognising the error of his ways he seeks forgiveness and comes to the realisation that we should see beauty in everything around us.

    "Two Worlds - One Family"

      We begin our story with the harvesting of coffee beans in Africa, and compare this with life in America, where coffee and other foods are easily available and people have a much richer lifestyle. In our dance we want to highlight the differences and show our support for the important work and values of Fairtrade.


      A father, a mother, a daughter, a son: the threads of their lives are all ravelling undone.
      Something is needed to twist them as tight as the strings you might find when you're flying a kite.
      Supernanny and her friend the lovable Bert, a chimney sweep, watch over a family who need to learn to have fun together again.


      Domestic and social violence usually starts off with a few angry words and hurt feelings that don't get resolved. Our performance shows a family that was once happy but has been torn apart through intimidation and abuse. Our Mother chooses not to retreat into fear and isolation. Instead she prioritises the children that she loves to ensure that they are safe.

      (If you have been affected by the issues raised in this performance, go to the ChildLine website.)

    "Always believin'"

      3000 years after the death of one of the most famous Pharoahs, Howard carter follows the clues through the Valley of The Kings, always believing there was a still-undiscovered tomb. He was right! Join Carter's journey of the imagination as he witnesses the short life of King Tutankhamen. Will the Book of The Dead protect him from the curse of the mummy?

    THE LAKES SCHOOL, Windermere, Cumbria
    "Gold Rush (Greed for Gold)"

      Greed, Lust and Corruption. Would you give in to your sins? Immortal after the moon comes out, those who are not strong enough to reswist their temptations fall victim to their felonies. Reflective of the world we live in, we all want what is not ours. When evil is confronted by righteousness, morality

    WHITEHAVEN SCHOOL, Whitehaven, Cumbria
    "Little Boy"

      In 1932 history was made when the atom was split but the euphoria soon gave way to fear and destruction. August 6 1945 saw Hiroshima targeted for the first nuclear bomb: 57 seconds later 70,000 citizens were dead and thousands more left suffering. Our mini-protest highlights the devastation nuclear waepons have caused in the past and their future potential.


    The evening show was presented by Dan McCready

      For UKRC: David Beal (Stage Manager), Oliver "Ollie" Ashman and Steve Stoddart (Assistant Stage Managers), Stuart MacGregor (Community Development / PR Manager), Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager), and Samantha "Sammy" Eastwood (Production Assistant);
      From TEGA: Tom Mumby (Lx) and Alastair Lindsay (Fx);
      From Visions Unlimited: Rob Morphew (mix) and Tom Bishop (camera);
      Volunteers: Stuart Cameron, Lesley-Ann Begg and Kimberley Burn from Aberdeen, Claire Storey from Bristol, plus John and Wendy Arrowsmith from Yorkshire