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    Tour Dates

    Portsmouth Guildhall - Saturday, May 1st, 2010

    BRIDGEMARY COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE: the Isle of Wight Council Award for Stage Crew, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge, the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Award for Performance Skill, and overall FIRST PLACE

    CRICKHOWELL HIGH SCHOOL: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Staging, and overall THIRD PLACE

    DOWNSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL: the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Set Design, the Day 2 Day Teachers Award for Hair Design, and overall FOURTH PLACE

    GLENMOOR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS: the TEGA Award for Lighting Design

    LIPSON COMMUNITY COLLEGE: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Entertainment

    MILTONCROSS SCHOOL PORTSMOUTH: the Sew n So Award for Costume Design, and the Visions Unlimited Award for Video Performance

    PETER SYMONDS COLLEGE: the DAX Printing award for Soundtrack

    RAVENS WOOD SCHOOL (Premier Showcase): a number of Awards of Excellence

    STAUNTON COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE: the Isle of Wight Council Award for Drama Skills, and overall FIFTH PLACE

    ST GREGORY THE GREAT RC SCHOOL (New school): the Hampshire Constabulary Performers' Choice Award, and the Hampshire Health, Personal Well Development and Wellbeing Award for Concept Interpretation

    WALTON HIGH: the Hampshire County Council Award for Make-Up Design, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Choreography, and overall SECOND PLACE

    WORLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL: the Hampshire County Council Award for Concept Originality

    To be announced later:
    the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness
    the Award for Student Leadership
    the Award for Press Coverage
    the Award for School Community Support
    the Award for Healthy Lifestyle
    the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement
    the Award for Positive Inclusion



      "Memoirs of a Geisha"

        Based on the novel and film of the same name, our piece tells the story of Sayuri, a young Japanese girl who is kidnapped and sold to a Geisha house as a servant. She then goes on to fulfil her dream of becoming the most famous Geisha in Japan. Hatsumomo, her evil step sister and rival seeks to destroy her whilst her heart is constantly being torn between her duties as a Geisha and her love for the man she always adored.

      "Stop - think - who made it?"

        Our theme tonight is child labour. In years gone by many young children in Britain worked hard for a living. Today in areas of Africa, India and South America 375 million still do, ruining their eyesight for the sake of our fashion! Before you buy - stop - think who made it?

      DOWNSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL, Newport, Isle of Wight
      "The Wardrobe"

        An age-old battle between good and evil, a struggle for power or money. Some people want these effects so badly they will capture what isn't theirs. It's hard not to get caught up in the quest for material things and control but it's important to realize that there is more to life. Who is there left to tip the balance?

      GLENMOOR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, Bournemouth, Dorset

        How often have we heard comments like "He must belong to a gang: just look how he dresses"? How often have we said something similar? Stereotypes seem harmless at first, but they can cause serious damage to our society. Stereotyping a person or a group can be easier than it is to get to know them. Look beyond the surface.

      "Around the world in 8 minutes"

        Dance is a universal language. No matter what your background, religion, colour, sexuality, gender or belief, you can take part in and enjoy this amazing art form. This piece celebrates dance from around the world and highlights that it doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, you can be whoever you want to be.

      MILTONCROSS SCHOOL, Portsmouth, Hampshire
      "Justin Time"

        Justin Time spends every Sunday afternoon on Southsea beach with his family. They are so engrossed in their own hectic lifestyles that they fail to notice when Justin's kite is swept away by a sudden gust of wind. As he follows his kite along the coast, he unknowingly spirals into a portal through time, where he encounters many familiar faces.

      PETER SYMONDS COLLEGE, Winchester, Hampshire
      "Breaking the Divide"

        In today's society, the extremes of rich and poor highlight lifestyle inequality. Will the selfish rich always be caught up in the hedonistic world of business? We follow one businessman who looks beyond the money and sees suffering. Can he save them from poverty with the help of protestors, or will his money and greedy colleagues cloud his good nature?

      RAVENS WOOD SCHOOL, Bromley, Kent
      "The Master of Disaster!"

        With widespread fanaticism, ignorance and denial regarding climate change, we pose the question: "has mankind put the Earth on a path to ultimate extinction?". The movie screen forces us to face our demons with films such as 2012, but what is the reality? At the 11th hour will we all wish we had a remote control with a rewind button?

      "A Vampire Weekend"

        For them alcohol isn't addictive,
        What they'll do isn't predictive,
        Humans blood, their dying thirst,
        Do not meet them at their worst,
        An uncontrollable rage dwells within them,
        Undercover, a party is where we'll meet them.
        An old wives' tale is what's believed now, explain this to me.
        People are killed due to revenge, it goes un-noticed...until the end.

      ST GREGORY THE GREAT RC SCHOOL, Oxford, Oxfordshire
      "Olympic Dreams 2012"

        The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. Our story follows one man's dream to become a champion. Our performance takes you on his journey: his struggle to find the sport in which he is finally triumphant!

      WALTON HIGH SCHOOL, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
      "Do you want to come and play?"

        Do you crave fame?
        "Things aren't always what they seem"
        Even your greatest fantasies
        You won't believe your eyes
        Won't even recognise
        The wonderment that lies
        Behind the shimmer and the lights
        Is it true what they say?
        Is it all just fun and games?
        Or is there more behind the makeup,
        Do you want to come and play?

      WORLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset
      "War at Home"

        Our dance portrays the effect that family members leaving for war has on modern families. Use of colour is particularly important within our theme, not only helping to define families, but also linking characters emotions. Death in war in inevitable, but to those that continue to fight for our country its part of the risk they and their families take.

      THE CREW

      The evening show was presented by Mark Wickham

        For UKRC: David Beal (Stage Manager), Jonny Sunter, Dan Macready and Vanessa Haile (Assistant Stage Managers), Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager), Stuart "Ruddy" Macgregor (Publicity Manager), Samantha "Bam" Connis and Hannah Cooke (Production Assistants), and Zoie Golding (UK Production Manager);
        From TEGA: Tony Jennings (Lx) and Andy Nurse (Fx);
        From Visions Unlimited: Simon Bishop (mix) and Robert "Bobby" Morphew (roving camera);
        Volunteers: Stella Whitby, Sam Audley, Tom Robson, Ali and Simon, together with London Marathon Finishers (for Asthma Research) Ian, Christine and Lorna Small from Peterhead, Scotland, and John and Wendy Arrowsmith from Yorkshire