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    Tour Dates

    St George's Hall - Thursday, May 6th, 2010:

    HAYCLIFFE SCHOOL: the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, the Award for Press Coverage, the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Costume Design, the Bradford Metropolitan District Council Award for Performance Skill, and the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Soundtrack

    LAWNSWOOD SCHOOL: the Global Rock Challenge Award for Drama Skills

    RAWLETT COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE (Premier Showcase): a number of Awards of Excellence

    SETTLE COLLEGE: the Award for School Community Support, the Global Rock Challenge Award for Concept Originality, the Global Rock Challenge Award for Concept Interpretation, the Bradford Metropolitan District Council Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge, and overall SECOND PLACE

    THE CATHEDRAL SCHOOL WAKEFIELD'S SCHOOL OF THE ARTS: the Global Rock Challenge Performers' Choice Award, the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness. the Bradford Metropolitan District Council Award for Choreography, the Stage management Company Award for Set Design and Staging, the Bradford Metropolitan District Council Award for Entertainment, the Visions Unlimited for Video Performance, and overall FIRST PLACE

    THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL AT LEEDS: the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Hair and Make-Up Design, the TEGA Award for Lighting Design, and overall THIRD PLACE

    THORNTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Premier Showcase): the Award for Student Leadership, the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Stage Crew plus a number of Awards of Excellence


    HAYCLIFFE SCHOOL, Bradford, West Yorkshire
    "We have a problem!!!"

      We travel through time and space to where fiction meets reality. Our epic adventure starts with a familiar creature who is looking to make contact with his family. From ring tones to surfing the net surely he can make a connection, or will he get left behind. Houston we have a problem.

    LAWNSWOOD SCHOOL, Leeds, West Yorkshire
    "Always Respect ..."

      It was 22nd April, 1993. It was the first racial attack the British population really took notice of. It was the day Stephen Lawrence was murdered. It shook the country and from that moment it changed us all. Brutal murder, police corruption, a family’s tragedy. Who took notice? We did! This is for you. Never forget. Always respect . . . Stephen Lawrence.

    "What Lies Within?"

      After Prometheus' theft of the gift of fire, Zeus was angry and ordered the creation of the first women, Pandora, as part of the punishment of mankind. Against all warning, Prometheus' brother, married Pandora. Zeus gave Pandora a box that must never be opened as a wedding present. He also gave her curiosity. Can she fight temptation despite the dangers?

    SETTLE COLLEGE, Settle, North Yorkshire
    "Eye Spy"

      Eye Spy explores the world of CCTV and reignites the debate on human privacy laws and asks the question, "should Big Brother always be watching over us?" The knowledge that we are being watched causes us all to question how we would naturally act and how it is perceived we should act when conforming to societies expectations.


      Science-fiction meets reality... The future survival of humankind lies in the hands of scientists. What happens when society is threatened by a deadly virus? It’s a thrilling, adrenaline-fuelled race against the clock: can a cure be found in time to save humanity and planet earth?

    THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL AT LEEDS, Leeds, West Yorkshire

      We must change the way we think and act towards our planet. Please think global, act local to save the earth for our future. As “Only after the last tree has been cut down Only after the last fish has been caught Only after the last river has been poisoned Only then will you find money cannot be eaten”.

    THORNTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Bradford, West Yorkshire

      Our piece is an abstract interpretation of what we deem an innocent game. Chess, is it simple or complex? Are there hidden agendas? Is it conformity, conflict, betrayal, fear? Is it black versus white, rook versus knight, and who really is the strongest piece? Can we learn to love our differences? Will anybody win, or will it end in stalemate?


    The evening show was presented by Jacqui Blay from The Pulse

      For UKRC: David Beal (Stage Manager), Dan Macready and Anthony "Ants" Sweetman (Assistant Stage Managers), Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager), Stuart "Ruddy" Macgregor (Publicity Manager), Samantha "Bam" Connis (Production Assistant) and Zoie Golding (UK Production Manager);
      From TEGA: Tom Mumby (Lx) and Ed Coupland (Fx);
      From Visions Unlimited: Tom Bishop (mix) and Robert "Bobby" Morphew (roving camera);
      Volunteers: Lesley-Ann Begg (Aberdeen), John Ellis (Bradford), Tanya Greene (Hull), Danny Greig, Rachel Pickles (Lancaster), Sarah Pickles (York), Faye Rhodes (East Yorkshire) and Steven Stoddart (Cumbria) plus John and Wendy Arrowsmith