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    Tour Dates

    2009 Southampton Day 2 Results
    Southampton Guildhall - Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

    ALDWORTH SCIENCE COLLEGE, Basingstoke, Hampshire: the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Best Choreography, the Isle of Wight Healthy Schools Award for Most Entertaining Performance, and the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Best Stage Crew

    CAROLINE CHISHOLM SCHOOL, Northampton, Northamptonshire: the Southampton Healthy Schools Award for Best Soundtrack, the Sew n So Award for Best Costume Design, and overall FIRST PLACE

    CHAMBERLAYNE COLLEGE FOR THE ARTS, Southampton, Hampshire: the Hampshire Children?s Services Award for Best Performance Skill, the Isle of Wight Youth Inclusion Forum Award for Best Set Design and Staging, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge®, and overall SECOND PLACE

    THE HENRY CORT COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Fareham, Hampshire: the Ansvar Insurance Award for Concept Interpretation, and overall THIRD PLACE

    LEALANDS HIGH SCHOOL, Luton, Bedfordshire: the Hampshire County Council Award Performers? Choice Award

    PETER SYMONDS COLLEGE, Winchester, Hampshire: the Isle of Wight Extended Services Award for Best Lighting Design

    SOLENT MIDDLE SCHOOL, Cowes, Isle of Wight: the Southampton City Council Award for Best Drama Skills, and the Gosport Borough Council Award for Concept Originality

    ST ANNE'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire: Hampshire Constabulary Award for Best Video Performance

    WYVERN TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, Eastleigh, Hampshire: Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Best Hair and Make-Up Design, and overall FOURTH PLACE


    ALDWORTH SCIENCE COLLEGE, Basingstoke, Hampshire
    "Lost within the sound of time"

      The past century has been an incredible journey from sound technology, live radio and talking films in the 1920s to television in the 1930s and discos and raves in the 1980s. Can you imagine if these technologies never existed?
      Imagine no music, no beat, no song ...
      Imagine a world with no sound ....
      How would you feel?

    CAROLINE CHISHOLM SCHOOL, Northampton, Northamptonshire
    "Happily ever after...A modern day fairy tale"

      Set in a magical world of fairy tales, a young girl encounters everyday issues. Through her metaphorical journey Red Riding Hood teaches her to stand up against evil. From Snow White she learns the consequences of succumbing to temptation and Cinderella proves that happily ever after really does exist.

    "This is Rock 'n Roll"

      Sex, drugs and rock and roll as the saying goes. Being a rock star may look cool but there is a dark side too. Temptations hard to resist and ending up in situations that are hard to get out of. The lives of the rich and famous;, do they really have it all?

    LEALANDS HIGH SCHOOL, Luton, Bedfordshire

      It's a new school day, as the students arrive they notice something has changed. Four new bodies have entered their lives. Trying to find out where you belong is a hard task, our new pupils see that life is divided into looks and style. Venturing into the unknown, they accidentally start to break down the barriers of separation.

    PETER SYMONDS COLLEGE, Winchester, Southampton
    "The Broken Mirror"

      A broken mirror can distort the image you see in front of you; so can your mind. A bullied girl drifts off into a world where she learns about herself, grows confident and hits back when her past comes to haunt her. When she regains consciousness she stands up to her fears and fixes the mirror that was once broken.

    ST ANNE'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire
    "Life's a Lottery"

      I've won!! As the credit crunch bites deeper, a young girl becomes a lottery winner. Will she gamble it all or splash out on Dior and diamonds, invest in the banks, or will the guilt of having so much money when everyone is struggling to survive, lure her into giving it all to charity? Can she decide? Could you?

    SOLENT MIDDLE SCHOOL, Cowes, Isle of Wight

      Theme not submitted at time of printing

    "Lost But Not Forgotten"

      About 30,000 people were 'disappeared' in Argentina during the 'Dirty War'. They were 30,000 individual human beings, each one with his/her own story, dreams and hopes, with friends, parents and children who love and remember them. As pawns in a game of chess, our players try to portray these hopes, dreams and the tyranny of this dictatorship.

    WYVERN TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, Eastleigh, Hampshire

      Theme not submitted at time of printing