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    Tour Dates

    Portsmouth Guildhall - Thursday, April 29th, 2010

    CHARTER ACADEMY (New school): the Hampshire County Council Award for Concept Originality

    CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE TEAM TWO: the Isle of Wight Council Award for Drama Skills, the Hampshire County Council Award for Make-up Design, and overall SECOND PLACE

    GEORGE ABBOT SCHOOL: the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, the Portsmouth City Council Award for Staging, the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Award for Performance Skill, and overall FOURTH PLACE

    MARY ROSE SCHOOL: the Award for Positive Inclusion, the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, and the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Award for Concept Interpretation

    MAYFIELD CE MIDDLE SCHOOL: the Day 2 Day Teachers Award for Hair Design, the Dax Printing Award for Soundtrack, and overall THIRD PLACE

    MAYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL: the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Performers’ Choice, the Isle of Wight Council Award for Stage Crew, the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Set Design, the Sew n So Award for Costume Design, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Choreography, and overall FIRST PLACE

    MILL CHASE COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE: the Award for School Community Support, the Award for Press Coverage, and the Tega Award for Lighting Design

    ST EDWARDS ROMAN CATHOLIC CE VA SCHOOL: the Award for Student Leadership, and the Portsmouth City Council Award for Entertainment

    ST GEORGE'S SCHOOL: the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge®

    YATE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY (New school): the Visions Unlimited Award for Video Performance, and overall FIFTH PLACE


    CHARTER ACADEMY, Southsea, Hampshire
    "Hope comes as light in to darkness"

      Today, state-run institutions are home for more than 1.3 million children in Eastern Europe. These children, orphaned or abandoned at birth are hidden away in facilities that rarely meet their most basic needs. With the help of charities like ARK and the Shoebox Appeal, these children can get the love, stability and education they need to become happy, self-reliant adults.

    CHRIST THE KING, Newport, Isle of Wight
    "The Poisoned Portrait"

      A teenager is propelled to the height of popularity through the unveiling of his portrait. After making a secret vow, his hedonistic desires tempt him to leave his old way, including his beautiful girlfriend. As he is seduced by drugs, violence and lust, his appearance mysteriously remains the picture of perfection- but his portrait begins to tell another story....

    GEORGE ABBOT SCHOOL, Guildford, Surrey
    "Welcome To the Mad House"

      As gaming culture continues to grow, we look at the negative effect that violent video game media has on young minds. In a virtual world where fantasy and reality are blurred, the scariest, most frightening figures of your nightmares come to life. As the number of children addicted to gaming rises, we ask "When will the nightmares end?"

    MARY ROSE SCHOOL, Southsea, Portsmouth
    "Out of the Darkness and into the Light"

      From the day we are born we struggle with the forces of good and evil. We can be pushed and pulled along with others without really knowing where we are going. The path we follow and the choices we make could bring harm and pain or offer support and friendship. It's your choice: be strong and follow your beliefs.

    MAYFIELD C OF E MIDDLE SCHOOL, Ryde, Isle of Wight
    "Don't let your childhood fly by!"

      Growing up is a process, not an event, and should be enjoyed, yet enormous pressure is put on children to grow up too quickly. After a row at home Peter takes Wendy to Neverland to see how good and bad influences determine the adults we become. Also how much trouble the 'lost boys' are when they refuse to grow up.

    MAYVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, Southsea, Hampshire

      ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE AND MEN AND WOMEN MERELY PLAYERS. Famous words written by a famous playwright, 'SHAKESPEARE'. His work is in constant use and review all over the world, versatile and timeless. We seek to bring to you a taster of his diversity, history, comedy and tragedy. If music be the food of love, PLAY ON........

    "You Inspire Us!"

      Our piece portrays two issues close to our hearts. Steph Keats, an ex-student who performed in every Rock Challenge, tragically lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis last year. Being a school in an army town, many families are directly affected by the war in Afghanistan. The courage and determination shown by both ...

    ST. EDWARD'S RC CE VA SCHOOL, Poole, Dorset
    "Doctor Who?"

      Can one man save the world and all who live upon it? If one man can try, then just think what life would be like if we all made an effort? If we take responsibility for who we are, what we are then just maybe the world would be a better place to live in for ourselves and the future.

    ST. GEORGE'S SCHOOL, Newport, Isle of Wight
    "Hope for Haiti"

      We heard and saw the terrible earthquake in Haiti. We saw the sad scenes on TV of people crying, looking confused and lost. It was horrible. Our presentation shows everyone that although it was an awful thing to happen, with world help, Haiti can begin to rebuild their Island making it a better and safer place to live.

    YATE INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, Yate, South Gloucestershire
    "Imagine it, achieve it, dream it, become it."

      An ordinary tube, an ordinary journey, four extraordinary dreams. Fast forward to the future and watch as their aspirations become reality.