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    Tour Dates

    Portsmouth Guildhall - 7pm Friday, June 11th, 2010

    CARISBROOKE HIGH SCHOOL, Newport, Isle of Wight: the Day to Day Teachers Award for Concept Interpretation

    CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE, Newport, Isle of Wight: the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Concept Originality

    DENBIGH SCHOOL, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire: the Genesis Community Award for Drama Skills, the Southampton City Council Award for Video Performance, and overall FIFTH PLACE

    KING RICHARD SCHOOL, Paulsgrove, Hampshire: overall FOURTH PLACE

    MAYFIELD SCHOOL, Portsmouth, Hampshire: the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Set Design, and the Ansvar Insurance Award for Lighting Design

    MILLAIS SCHOOL, Horsham, West Sussex: the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Choreography

    QUEEN ELIZABETH'S GIRLS' SCHOOL, Barnet, Hertfordshire: the Award for Student Leadership, the Sew n So Award for Make-up Design, and the Ansvar Insurance Award for Stage Crew

    TOTTON COLLEGE, Totton, Hampshire: the Hampshire County Council Award for Soundtrack, and overall FIRST PLACE

    WALTON HIGH, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire: the Award for School Community Support, and the Ansvar Insurance Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge®

    WOODLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire: the Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, the Award for Positive Inclusion, the Isle of Wight Council Award for Performers’ Choice, the Janome Award for Costume Design, the Hampshire Health, Personal Development and Wellbeing Award for Performance Skill, the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth's Appeal Award for Entertainment, and overall THIRD PLACE

    YATELEY SCHOOL OPEN TEAM, Yateley, Hampshire: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Hair Design, the West Sussex Strategic Community Safety Partnership Award for Staging, and overall SECOND PLACE


    CARISBROOKE HIGH SCHOOL, Newport, Isle of Wight
    "How far would you go to feel like you belong?"

      In a society where people are organised depending on their looks, is there room for someone different to fit in? Follow the journey of a social misfit and his struggle for acceptance. His social extremes plunge to new depths when he brainwashes the town he lives in with his army of mechanical beings.

    CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE, Newport, Isle of Wight
    "The Poisoned Portrait"

      A teenager is propelled to the height of popularity through the unveiling of his portrait. After making a secret vow, his hedonistic desires tempt him to leave his old way, including his beautiful girlfriend. As he is seduced by drugs, violence and lust, his appearance mysteriously remains the picture of perfection- but his portrait begins to tell another story....

    DENBIGH SCHOOL, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
    "Is home where the heart is?"

      A system of care? An unhappy start in life. A heart-rending decision. Swift action required, but must be correct. No thanks if correct, but public vilification if wrong. Passed from pillar to post. Stop! Wait!!! The most important issue must be the future of the child.

    KING RICHARD SCHOOL, Paulsgrove, Hampshire

      Twisted. Warped. Depraved.... What is it that drives a soul to commit acts of heinous cruelty? Is it the intrinsic need for self-fulfilment or just purely a chemical imbalance in the brain? Follow us through the justice system as one one's meal becomes another man's thrist for justice...Join us for a spell in Bedlam...

    MAYFIELD SCHOOL, Portsmouth, Hampshire
    "Game Over!"

      To some war still symbolises Patriotism, Bravery, Grief and Fear. However war has become a big business, entering the homes of young people, through games consoles which reproduce and glamorise the horror of global conflict, games which can be paused for dinner or sleep. War is relentless you can't put war on standby. Who wins?

    MILLAIS SCHOOL, Horsham, West Sussex
    "Deceptive Research"

      Our dance is an anti-whaling campaign. These beautiful mammals are harassed at high speeds until exhausted and breathless. Harpoons strike and leave the whales thrashing, bleeding in agony. Whalers haul the whales close where they are shot and strung up alongside the ship. Once dragged aboard, their carcasses are hacked apart in total disregard. Murdered. To the brink of extinction.

    QUEEN ELIZABETH'S GIRLS' SCHOOL, Barnet, Hertfordshire
    "A Virtuous Journey"

      The Devil has won! Satan has stolen the world's virtues and divided them amongst his 7 deadly sins. Can the Arc Angel with the support of her friends, the Angels, travel through the sins to regain hope for the world?

    TOTTON COLLEGE, Totton, Hampshire
    "Viral deceit"

      If there is one thing that travels faster than a new virus across the globe, it is a conspiracy theory about the virus. Unconfirmed stories about super-bugs pose a danger to the public if taken seriously and help fill the pocket-linings of anyone making cures.

    WALTON HIGH, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
    "Do you want to come and play?"

      Do you crave fame?
      "Things aren't always what they seem"
      Even your greatest fantasies
      You won't believe your eyes
      Won't even recognise
      The wonderment that lies
      Behind the shimmer and the lights
      Is it true what they say?
      Is it all just fun and games?
      Or is there more behind the makeup,
      Do you want to come and play?

    WOODLANDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire

      Roll up, roll up
      The circus is in town,
      Come little children
      Let's dance with the clowns.
      Spin around and around
      And move your feet faster,
      Just keep away
      From the dreaded ringmaster.
      Beware of the mirrors
      You may get drawn in,
      Will you escape?
      Let's see, come on in.

    YATELEY SCHOOL OPEN TEAM, Yateley, Hampshire
    "The magic and mischief of Shakespeare"

      The impish Puck lies sleeping contentedly on a midsummer's night, exhausted after using his magic powers to determine the course of true love. Oberon, King of the fairies is furious when he discovers that Puck can't be trusted: once again he has caused mayhem. Puck flees, Oberon seeks revenge. He is not going to get away with it this time!