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Patron's Statement (July 21st 2009)
A message from Baroness Henig of Lancaster DL (Patron)
"The Rock Challenge® National Final was one of the most keenly anticipated highlights in the history of the UK Rock Challenge®. Congratulations to all the schools and students who performed on the night to such a high standard, and thanks to Yorkshire Forward and Ansvar along with all the other sponsors for enabling the event to take place.

The National Final showcased the achievement, the commitment and dedication of thousands of young people from all over the country, as well as their talent and future potential. To all of them, and to their schools and teachers I say a big well done. It is so refreshing to be celebrating the achievements of young people today and to pay tribute to the way they have turned their backs on the negative aspects of teenage life.

Finally, many thanks to all our supporters, friends, backroom staff and to our hard working General Manager, David Beal. I look forward to seeing you all again next year."

Baroness Henig of Lancaster DL (Patron)

Baroness Henig has had a long and successful academic career at the University of Lancaster. She is the author of several books examining - among other things - factors leading to the outbreaks of two World Wars in Europe, and also the role of women in politics. For several years she was the Chair of the Association of Police Authorities in England and Wales.