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2009 Southampton Day 4 Results
Southampton Guildhall - Friday, March 6th, 2009

CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE, Newport, Isle of Wight (NEW SCHOOL): the Hampshire Children's Services Award for Best Performance Skill, the Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Best Hair and Make-Up Design, the Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement, and overall THIRD PLACE

COSTELLO TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, Basingstoke, Hampshire: the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge, the Gosport Borough Council Award for Concept Originality, the Southampton Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, the Award for Media Management, and the Award for Student Leadership.

HAMBLE COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire: the Isle of Wight Healthy Schools Award for Most Entertaining Performance, and overall FOURTH PLACE

HEADINGTON SCHOOL, Oxford, Oxfordshire: the Hampshire County Council Performers' Choice Award, and the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Best Lighting Design

RYEISH GREEN SCHOOL, Reading, Berkshire: the Ansvar Insurance Award for Concept Interpretation, and the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Best Video Performance

SOMERTON MIDDLE SCHOOL, Cowes, Isle of Wight: the Isle of Wight Extended Services Award for Best Costume Design, the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Best Stage Crew, and the Award for School Community Support

TESTWOOD SPORTS COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire: the Southampton City Council Award for Best Drama Skills, the Southampton Healthy Schools Award for Best Soundtrack, and overall SECOND PLACE

SIR JOHN COLFOX SCHOOL AND WEYMOUTH COLLEGE (NEW SCHOOL), Bridport, Dorset: the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Best Choreography, and overall FIRST PLACE

WILDERN SCHOOL TEAM TWO, Southampton, Hampshire: the Isle of Wight Youth Inclusion Forum Award for Best Set Design and Staging


CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE, Newport, Isle of Wight
"Ballad of the blade"

    Strong passions are part of teenage life, from the adrenaline-fuelled aggression of knife crime created when insult drives revenge, to the devotion of first love and how unrequited love produces vicious, deadly jealousy. Those who love, even the young, know the unbearable despair of loss and the grief that leads us to lose the will to live.

"Injustice? It Just Is!"

    The representation of cartoons disguise the harsh realities that people have to face. If you strip away the happy façade in cartoons and fairy tales what are you left with? Reality! Drugs! Rape! A memory tattooed. A shadow never leaving, never fading. No happy endings. Does reality have to be like this? Injustice? It just is!

"Just a little bit of history repeating!"

    The Washington Post quoted - Anyone who says we're in recession or heading into one, especially the worst since the Great Depression is making up his own definition of recession!! - Wasn't that what they said before The Wall Street Crash 1929? 80 years later have we learnt our lesson or is it just a little bit of history repeating.....

HEADINGTON SCHOOL, Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire
"Crime and Punishment"

    The number of offences committed by females has leapt 25% over the last 3 years. Our behaviour is changing. Fuelled by underage drinking, girls choose to lead reckless criminal lives. In Oxford a policewoman was punched in the face by a teenage girl whilst being mobbed by a gang of youngsters. Police continue to fight for justice; here's their story.

RYEISH GREEN SCHOOL, Reading, Berkshire

    Gia was America's first supermodel. She soon has a choice to make - her lover or drugs. Gia chooses drugs and soon her life spirals out of control. Gia was the world's first woman to be diagnosed with HIV and die of an AIDS-related illness.


    Many children are forced into employment, whether their families are ill, poor or they are born into this lifestyle. They work long days, sometimes over 56 hours per week, and some don't get paid. These children are seen as cheap material although they are the true working cogs of the industry. Can they be unchained from this way of living?

"1492 Conquest of Paradise?"

    In 1492, Christopher Columbus and his men landed at what are now called The Bahamas. They claimed the land for Spain, and forced western culture on the Natives. Native societies were devastated by the introduction of diseases, slavery, and the move to plantations. The 1992 film was called '1492 Conquest of Paradise', but did Columbus Conquer paradise, or destroy it?

TESTWOOD SPORTS COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire
"The Death of David Jones"

    It's 1984 and Margaret Thatcher announces the closure of all non-profitable mines. Thousands of jobs are lost. Arthur Scargill starts a national strike, an unofficial national strike. Communities are torn apart as blacklegs and scabs battle on the picket line, riot police sandwiched in-between. Charging, hitting, kicking and throwing; will the rule of law prevail over the rule of mob?

WILDERN SCHOOL, Southampton, Hampshire
"Storm of Lost Souls"

    A Modern Day Parable. Noah, a reporter on the Wildern Daily News is disgusted by the wilful destruction of his town and is unsurprised when the rains begin to fall. Warnings are given of stormy weather and heavy flooding. Noah, alias Superman, builds a modern day equivalent of the ark, and patiently they wait for a sunny day!


  • David Beal, Oliver (Olly) Ashman, Stuart (Ruddy) McGgregor, Tim Macfarlane, Zoie Golding, Ashley Sainsbury and Tom Stevenson.
  • From the Southampton Guildhall: Simon Williams (Fx), Scott Limburn and Scott Ordish (Followspot Trainers)
  • From Tega: Ed Coupland (Fx)
  • From Visions Unlimited: Rob Morphew and Tracy Dart
  • Volunteers: Vanessa Haile, Rosie Baker, Hannah Cook, Caitlin Bloom, Sam Audley, Tom, Wendy and John
  • Presenter: Ben McCready