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2009 Portsmouth Day 3 Results
Portsmouth Guildhall - Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

ALAMEDA MIDDLE SCHOOL AND REDBORNE UPPER SCHOOL, Ampthill, Bedfordshire: the Isle of Wight Extended Services award for Best Costume Design, the Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, and overall SECOND PLACE

BRIMSHAM GREEN SCHOOL, Yate, Bristol: the Ansvar Insurance Award for Concept Interpretation

CARISBROOKE HIGH SCHOOL, Newport, Isle of Wight: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Best Drama Skills, and overall FIFTH PLACE

CHENEY SCHOOL, Headington, Oxfordshire: the Hampshire Children?s Services Award for Best Performance Skill, the Portsmouth City Council Award for Best Make-Up Design, the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Best Stage Crew, the Award for Student Leadership, the Award for School Community Support, the Award for Healthy Lifestyle, and overall THIRD PLACE

CHICHESTER COLLEGE, Chichester, West Sussex: the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Best Choreography, the Day to Day Teachers Award for Best Soundtrack, and overall FIRST PLACE

ITCHEN COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Best Hair Design, and the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Best Video Performance

THE MANDEVILLE SCHOOL, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire: the Isle of Wight County Council Award for Best Lighting Design, and the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge

MAYFIELD SCHOOL, Portsmouth, Hampshire: the Isle of Wight Youth Inclusion Team Award for Best Set Design, and overall FOURTH PLACE

PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Leigh Park, Hampshire: the Gosport Borough Council Award for Concept Originality

SOUTH DOWNS COLLEGE, Waterlooville, Hampshire (showcasing Premier Division School):

THE TOYNBEE SCHOOL, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire: the Isle of Wight Youth Inclusion Team Award for Best Staging, and the Hampshire County Council Performers' Choice Award

WEYDON and RIDGEWAY COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Farnham, Surrey (NEW SCHOOL): the Isle of Wight Healthy Schools Award for Most Entertaining Performance

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    Greek Gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades rule over all Earth and Heavens. Zeus and Demeter bear a daughter, Persephone, who is abducted by Hades and trapped in the Underworld. The Earth dies until Persephone is returned and Summer blooms. But, at the same time each year, Hades takes her back and the Earth turns to Winter. Hence, our changing seasons.

"The Credit Crunch"

    The current economic climate has affected us all whether you're trying planning that summer holiday, moving house or left fighting for your job. It is a bad time for the UK and has stopped many people spending. We will take you through the journey of one couple facing all of these things and see how they have been affected.

"These Violent Delights"

    "These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die like fire and powder Which, as they kiss, consume." (Act 2 Scene 6) The forcefulness of love as a brutal powerful emotion that captures individuals and catapults them against their world and at times against themselves.

CHENEY SCHOOL, Headington, Oxfordshire
"Our Heroes"

    Tonight, our piece explores how heroes inspire and influence our lives. Whether they are everyday, or out of this world, we all have a hero! And most importantly, we can all be a hero! Who is yours?

CHICHESTER COLLEGE, Chichester, West Sussex

    What should have been the most memorable night of her life became a living hell. Sarah awakes the day after her 18th birthday haunted by fragments of memory, as she desperately pieces together the hazy events of the night before we see the dreadful consequences of her decisions. We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.

ITCHEN COLLEGE, Southampton, Hampshire
"Lucid Dreams"

    When you sleep at night where does you imagination take you? Are you in control? Can you manipulate the events, your sub-conscious, the outcomes? Discover a hidden world where anything is possible, a place with no rules and no laws. Discover who you are. So are you a lucid dreamer?

MANDEVILLE SCHOOL, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
"Who?s to blame?"

    The new figures indicate that in the year 2007-8 there were some 277 deaths from stabbings in England & Wales alone. So who is to blame for Britain?s knife-crime epidemic? Is it the fault of gang culture? Is it the fault of the Government? Or does fault ultimately lie with parents for failing to teach a stronger moral code?

MAYFIELD SCHOOL, Portsmouth, Hampshire

    Throughout your time at school, photographs are taken, kept by families as loving reminders of childhood days. Sweet smiles and dodgy hairdos may embarrass us in later years, but they made that moment in time. However they may represent a facade behind which to hide. Do teachers, friends even family know what goes on behind the smile?

PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Leigh Park, Hampshire
"2 tuff 2 2 -2"

    My life sucks, why won't they just be happy for me?
    Mum's nagging, Dad's moaning, Why can't I live my dreams, and live my life?
    I don't just wanna be the trouble and strife.
    I want a life that rocks!
    So please just let me...!


    Theme not submitted at time of printing

"The Rainforest"

    Peace in the deep lush green rainforest is destroyed when the lumberjacks bring devastation to the trees and animals. Can anybody save the rainforest before it?s too late?!

SOUTH DOWNS COLLEGE, Waterlooville, Hampshire (Showcasing Premier Team)

    In a secret lab, biologists and engineers develop a government scheme to replace all women with robotic clones, or 'fembots', catering for a growing demand of feminine perfection. But not everyone agrees with the product. Objections range from moral outrage to feminist disgust at what amounts to, in the words of one protestor, "A Stepford Wives scandal of epic proportions"