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2009 Portsmouth Day 6 Results
Portsmouth Guildhall - Saturday, April 25th, 2009

BRYNMAWR SCHOOL, Newport, Gwent: the Isle of Wight Youth Inclusion Team Award for Best Set Design, the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge, and overall FIFTH PLACE

CHURCHILL COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SCHOOL AND SIXTH FORM COLLEGE, Churchill, North Somerset (NEW SCHOOL): the Ansvar Insurance Award for Concept Interpretation

COWES HIGH SCHOOL, Cowes, Isle of Wight: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Best Hair Design, the Be Your Best Foundation Award for Best Stage Crew, the Isle of Wight County Council Award for Best Lighting Design, and overall FIRST PLACE

ESHER C OF E HIGH SCHOOL, Esher, Surrey (NEW SCHOOL): the Hampshire Healthy Schools Award for Best Choreography, and overall FOURTH PLACE

HAVANT COLLEGE, Havant, Hampshire: the Day to Day Teachers Award for Best Soundtrack

HORNDEAN TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, Portsmouth: the Gosport Borough Council Award for Concept Originality

MATTHEW ARNOLD SCHOOL, Oxford, Oxfordshire: the Portsmouth City Council Award for Best Make-Up Design

PORTCHESTER COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Portchester, Hampshire (NEW SCHOOL): the Isle of Wight Youth Inclusion Team Award for Best Staging, the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Best Video Performance, and overall THIRD PLACE

PURBROOK PARK SCHOOL, Waterlooville, Hampshire (showcasing Premier Division School):

THE GRANGE SCHOOL, Christchurch, Dorset: the Isle of Wight Healthy Schools Award for Most Entertaining Performance, the Isle of Wight Extended Services award for Best Costume Design, and overall SECOND PLACE

WALTON HIGH, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (NEW SCHOOL): the Hampshire Children's Services Award for Best Performance Skill, the Portsmouth City Council Award for Best Drama Skills, and the Hampshire County Council Performers' Choice Award

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"Reuban Cantu - An Innocent Man"

    Texas executed its fifth teenage offender at 22 minutes after midnight on August 24th 1993. Our performance is based on a case of an innocent person being wrongly accused for a crime he did not commit. Reuban stated ?I am only 17 years old, I got to 9th grade and I have been framed?.

"Silent Voices"

    The dance tells the story of the elimination of more than 10,000 men, women and children at the hands of the Argentine government between 1976 and 1983. Even today, the exact numbers of 'The Disappeared' and their fates are unknown. In this performance we show the haunting portrayal of 'The Disappeared' and the grieving mothers left behind with no answers.

COWES HIGH SCHOOL, Cowes, Isle of Wight
"That damned elusive Pimpernel!"

    The French Court, 1789. A time of flamboyance and frivolity. Shattering this façade, carnage and revolution. Across the channel, one man knows he must risk all to rescue the woman he loves. Leaving the gentile tedium of England, our gallant hero confounds the baying masses. When politics become personal, what would you do for 'that Crazy little thing called Love'?

"Don't Drink and Drive........Think!"

    Inspired by the campaign 'Don't Drink and Drive, Think!' our dance is split into 3 sections. We open with a night out and subsequent alcohol consumption. Section 2 demonstrates the power those who drive whilst being intoxicated have on others. Our final section explores the emotions experienced by both the drivers and those who have lost someone close to them.

HAVANT COLLEGE, Havant, Hampshire
"All for One"

    We soldiers marched off to battle, leaving our dearest behind. We fought as a team, a unit. Now we are no longer soldiers, but prisoners of war. As we're questioned and beaten, we think of those we dutifully left at home. What effect does this have on them? Are our captors forced into this? Will we ever be free again?

"Shall We Dance?"

    Why do we choose to dance? Cultural? Spiritual? Dialogue between performer and audience, which transcends the boundaries of language? Can we answer such questions? Or is it simply down to our own interpretations? Join us in our interpretation of dance, as a form of escapism, a personal challenge, part of everyday life and purely for enjoyment! So.......Shall We Dance?

MATTHEW ARNOLD SCHOOL, Oxford, Oxfordshire

    The theme of our performance is Dreams. It is based around the people who influence our lives and shape the individuals we become. In the dance a young, innocent girl has a nightmare about the pressures to conform. It shows how everyday encounters can manipulate our behaviour and change the way we are.

"Lest We Forget"

    We've all lost someone dear to us
    Said goodbye with some regret
    On 9/11 some were taken before their time
    Stop and think, lest we forget.

PURBROOK PARK SCHOOL, Waterlooville, Hampshire (Showcasing Premier Team)
"Bombay Dreams : Mumbai Nightmares"

    There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
    They locked all the doors, pulled out a gun
    The fear in the air, terror in the crowd
    The sights were horrific, the gunshots so loud
    On November 26th 2008 terrorists began a series of coordinated attacks across Mumbai. Our piece honours the 173 people that were brutally murdered during those events.

THE GRANGE SCHOOL, Christchurch, Dorset
"The Ocean's Wish"

    Despite the global ban on commercial whaling, the government of Japan hunts and slaughters thousands of whales and dolphins every year. Japan attempts to defend these hunts by calling it scientific research, but this deadly scientific research is nothing more than unlawful, cruel and unnecessary! We say: "Let's save these beautiful mammals and consign commercial whaling to history forever".

WALTON HIGH, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
"Yes We Can"

    Every day throughout history, even today in 2009, there are those who continue to tell us - to tell me - that we're peddling a false hope. Hope that blacks, whites, Latinos and people of different faiths can join together. But we have a dream, we here from Walton High stand here and have a very strong and real dream: Yes We Can!